Bespectacled Asian woman sits at her laptop and uses the ZeroBounce Email Finder service.

Getting Started with Our Email Finder Service

Are you looking for particular email addresses? Our email finder service is a great way to uncover a valid email address for the people you are trying to connect with.

Email finder services exist because everyone needs to contact a certain person but lacks the all-too-critical email address. Before email finder services, people had to do some serious digging or ask around. Even then, you couldn’t always find the email you hunted, but email finding tools have changed the game. 

We explain how our email finder service works, what you can expect, and how to get started.

What is an email finder service?

An email finder is any software, app, or website that lets you find someone’s email address. Email finders can also identify groups of people at a particular company – for example, all of the sales team over at Vandelay Industries. 

An email finder locates email addresses so you can hopefully reach someone you previously couldn’t.

Screenshot of ZeroBounce Email Finder in the user portal.

Why do you need an email finder service?

People use email finders for all kinds of reasons. 

Sometimes, we use them to make a new connection. Other times, email finders help us rekindle communication with someone we already know. 

Email finders are great tools for:

  • Networking
  • Pursuing business partnerships
  • Recruitment and job hunting
  • Pitching a journalist
  • Lead generation

Professionals in every department use email finders: sales, marketing, public relations, customer support, and research and development. 

When someone tries an email finder for the first time, they will likely use it repeatedly. Anytime you need to send an email but don’t have the contact, an email finder could be the ticket to making communication possible.

Will email finder services find the email you seek every single time? 


Sometimes that person you’re trying to email has a cryptic email address or intentionally uses a private email address to avoid getting bombarded. Imagine being the CEO of Google. You’d want to protect your inbox a little.

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How do email finders work?

Email finding tools work in various ways. Some use databases, and others scour the Internet for potential addresses. Another kind of email finder uses proprietary technologies to discover email addresses in real time – without using any stored and potentially obsolete data. 

ZeroBounce uses this method but goes a step further and validates your target’s email address to ensure that you have a chance of getting a response. You’ll know if the email address is obsolete or could hurt your sender reputation.

Some email finders will show you every single email address associated with an individual. For instance, if they have an email address they used at a company they were with in the early 200s, you’ll get it, and it’s up to you to try it. Many have experienced email finding tools that returned many email addresses—none of which worked.

What do you need to use the ZeroBounce Email Finder?

You don’t need much to use the ZeroBounce Email Finder. All you need to know is the name of the person you wish to email and where they work. 

For example, if you wanted to contact John Smith at The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the name would be “John Smith,” and the domain would be

If you want to do a Domain Search, all you need is the domain name in order to see primary domain patterns. It will tell you if that domain uses firstname@domain or firstname.lastname@domain, or some other pattern.  

How to use the ZeroBounce Email Finder service

Using the ZeroBounce Email Finder Service is simple. There are two text bars. The first asks for the name, and the second asks for the company / domain. 

Enter the name of the person you’re searching for and then the company’s name. 

Example: If you were looking for Elon Musk at Twitter, you would type “Elon Musk” for the name and for the domain. 

Once you have entered the information, you simply click “Find Emails.” ZeroBounce will show any valid emails in seconds.

Screenshot of the two fields you need  to fill out in order to use the ZeroBounce Email Finder.

Can I try the ZeroBounce Email Finder for free?

If you’re new to using an email finder, it’s effortless. Simply sign up for a free ZeroBounce account, and you’ll get 10 email searches every month. 

As mentioned, many email-finding tools uncover any related email addresses without checking to be sure the emails are still in use. 

ZeroBounce’s Email Finder always validates every contact so that you will avoid wasting time. Carefully crafting an email only to have it bounce back is frustrating, and getting bounces also tarnishes your sender’s reputation. When you use ZeroBounce’s email finder service, it won’t present an abandoned email address as if it’s viable.

When you sign up for a free ZeroBounce account, you’ll get access to the ten email address searches every month, but you also get credits to verify 100 email addresses. These email finding and validation credits renew every month, even if you don’t make any purchases.

Screenshot of ZeroBounce website shows African-American man seated in front of a laptop discovering new connections using the email finder.

Should you tell the contact how you got their email address?

Some people are trepidatious about getting their contact’s email address using an email finder tool. You don’t even have to mention the fact that you got your contact’s email that way. Just politely introduce yourself and then get to the point.

Are you emailing your contacts with something that could be of service to them? Then, they should be happy to hear from you. If you’re unsure, consider whether you should really get in touch.