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The One Email Marketing Mistake You Might Be Making Right Now

Finding the right email marketing strategy for your business may sometimes feel like a difficult task. Even when you’re using the best tools, it’s not always easy to predict exactly what your subscribers expect. However, there are some things we all know they expect, such as useful content, a nice email design, and a convincing call-to-action. Not making sure you focus on these aspects is a big email marketing mistake. One that too many marketers keep repeating, unfortunately.

Are you making this email marketing mistake?

In the recent Adobe Consumer Email Survey, we spotted a detail that caught our attention. The study revealed that 8% of recipients feel disappointed when a marketing email doesn’t include a “Buy” button.

Are you asking yourself how can a marketing email not include a “Buy” button or another call-to-action? We did, too. That’s a truly surprising email marketing mistake, and we thought it’s worth bringing it up.

The study tries to understand email users behavior in 2018, and the facts it brings to our attention are interesting, to say the least. There’s a lot we can learn from studies and surveys, so let’s dwell on this for a while.

The joke that’s missing the punch line

Your email hygiene is the place where your email marketing plan begins. Using an email validation tool is crucial for your message to reach your subscribers in the first place.

Then, your subject line can make the difference between people opening your email, ignoring it, or, even worse, deleting it right away.

Equally important is your content. You want it to be informative, useful, customized to your subscribers’ preferences. Also, you want it to end with a nice call-to-action (CTA) that responds to people’s natural desire to buy your product or service. As the study shows, when they don’t have that option handy, people get irritated.

That’s why not including a CTA is one big email marketing mistake, and the price you pay for it is high. Your potential customers might never return to that email. In fact, they may unsubscribe from your emails, and you may lose them for good.

Big email marketing mistake No.2: not paying attention

In the Adobe survey, 33% of the participants revealed they were unhappy about the fact that marketers don’t send them personalized offers. They felt like the senders weren’t paying attention to what they like.

Personalization takes effort to perfect, as identifying people’s preferences requires special tools and tactics. But it’s probably the email marketing trend that has seen the most growth in the last few years, as companies fine-tune their communication. Is it worth investing your time and resources in personalization? Definitely! Furthermore, you can read about people-based marketing and learn more about how to take your messaging to the next level.

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Other mistakes we would add on the list:

@ not running any A/B tests to see what type of content and design works best

@ sending to a messy list, instead of using an email validator and install an email validation API on your signup forms.

@ creating emails that don’t render well on mobiles

@ over-selling, instead of writing copy that resonates with your audience.

Is there any email marketing mistake you’ve made that you’d like to share with us? Don’t be shy, we’d love to learn from you!