zerobounce tech news announces allow block emails feature for email lists

June Tech News: Allow or Block Key Emails on Your Email List Now

Now you can allow or block specific emails on your email list – plus, the free ZeroBounce Email List Evaluator is available via API. Read our latest Tech News to find out what else is new.

Summer’s here, the weather’s hot, and we’ve got a scorching update that lets you customize your email validation

Create your own email allow/blocklist

Our allow/blocklist feature is now on your account dashboard!

This much-requested feature lets you create custom rules for your company to block or allow emails, domains or mx records.

screenshot of zerobounce's new email validation rule to allow block emails from databases
Thanks to the new feature, you can create custom rules to allow and block emails on your list.

Why do I need an allow/blocklist?

Creating custom rules helps you save credits, time and resources when validating emails.

Once you identify emails or domains you want to target, allow or block them as needed in three easy steps.

Create your own rules

More June updates

Free list evaluator API

Our API users can now take advantage of our free list evaluator. Use it to automate list evaluation and get a sneak peek at performance metrics – and whether or not you’re due for a cleaning.

Amazon (AWS) S3 integration

One of our most-requested integrations is finally available for use on all forms!

Validate files from your S3 bucket, push results to S3 storage, retrieve and push via API, create default results settings, and more!

Faster, more accurate email validation

Our work continues to improve our core product…

In June, we improved average response times by 5%, while also showing 10% fewer unknown results. Faster, more accurate results for your business!

Superpowered API Shield security

We also strengthened our API shield security! Your email data is better protected thanks to more strict client certificate-based identify and schema-based validation.

Your privacy matters, and we’ll continue optimizing our security to safeguard your email data.

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That’s this month’s update! Have questions about these features? Reach out to me – I’d love to help!