Tech News image with purple background shows new features available from ZeroBounce.

ZeroBounce Tech News, February 2024: 5 New Features

Goodbye February – Hello to March! But not before you check out these new ZeroBounce features, including some available by your popular demand!

Login and manage your account with OKTA

Does your company use OKTA? Now – your team can now log in and manage your ZeroBounce account thanks to OKTA’s Inbound Federation feature. If you’d like to integrate your organization’s OKTA account, head over to your account settings.

Salesforce users – New app version now available!

The official ZeroBounce Salesforce app now has new features!

  • Streamlined installation – no more tedious setup steps
  • An enhanced UI/UX for easier validation & Scoring
  • Schedule batch validations for automated cleaning

If you’re a Salesforce user, check out our streamlined installation here. Work smarter, not harder by cleaning your contacts directly from your Salesforce account.

You told us the batch email validation API size is too small – we listened.

The batch size is now increased from 100 to 200, so that you can clean more contacts with fewer requests. Learn more about it here.

Bonus API update – you can now score individual email addresses with the API! Check out how to score single emails.

Contact Monitoring – Now available by list

The Contact Monitoring feature with integration has been a huge hit. We’re glad it’s helping you find valid contacts!

To give you more options – you can now choose to Monitor on a list-by-list basisHead over to your integration settings and choose the list you want to monitor!

Create your company’s password expiration policy

We’re passionate about security – so we added a password expiration policy to help you protect your account.

This will enforce a password change for all team members working from your account every X days.

Learn how to set up your custom password expiration interval to protect your data.

Your feedback fuels these updates – you can request features and leave feedback here!