Purple background and yellow text announces the new Verify+ from ZeroBounce, used to identify disabled Yahoo, AOL and Verizon emails.

ZeroBounce Tech News, April 2024: Verify+ is now live

April is one of the most exciting months we’ve ever had at ZeroBounce.

Without delay, here’s an announcement for you…

Young black woman is shown on a lavender and purple  background showing the result of using Verify+ to identify and disable Yahoo and AOL mailboxes.

ICYMI – Meet the 1st email validation service that can accurately validate the Yahoo and AOL email leads on your list!

This new validation method allows us to validate the most complex sources and email domains, including long-disabled Yahoo/AOL mailboxes.

Verify+ from ZeroBounce is now available at no extra cost

Three new integrations – now available

You can now integrate ZeroBounce with the following tools:

  • Google Sheets – Validate email lists directly in Google Sheets without any uploads
  • Outreach – Import your email contacts from Outreach for verification and Scoring
  • JS Widget – The new widget is now available for a variety of use cases, which are detailed in the documentation

Enhanced 2FA security features

With our continued commitment to security and data protection, your team can now use the following:

Enforce a soft two-factor authentication method – If you or your teammates are using an unrecognized device, you’ll receive a one-time login code via email.

Enforce 2FA for all team members – As an account owner or admin, you can enforce your 2FA policy company-wide to protect your data.

Validation engine enhancements

In conjunction with the new Verify+ feature, our R&D leads to the launch of a new validation engine! When uploading lists, you can expect:

  • Faster results and better scaling for large lists
  • Greater accuracy for all email domains
  • Greylisting time improvements
  • Additional information about your lists based on discovered data

Everything featured in this April Tech News is free to use now! Log in today to try them out.

And – there’s more to come very soon! As always, submit your feature requests – and you may see them in this newsletter soon!

Thank you for being a part of ZeroBounce!