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ZeroBounce on Pinterest: Follow Our Account to Learn About Email Verification

We have some exciting news today: email verification system ZeroBounce is now on Pinterest! It took a few gallons of coffee and many hours in front of the computer, but we’ve managed to put together an account worth following. Yes, we know we are blowing our own horn, but bear with us today, we’re happy with how it looks!

ZeroBounce on Pinterest

Pinterest is not a social media platform. Actually, it works like a search engine and it is a great way to drive traffic to your website and blog. Its practical and visual character calls for beautifully designed images and helpful content your audience can use right away. If you’re thinking to create an account, it’s absolutely worth it!

Tip: make sure you include hashtags in your descriptions, so people can find your posts more easily!

Email verification tips? You got it!

Our Pinterest account has daily content on email marketing, email verification, social media marketing and everything in between. We hope to turn it into a resource where you can get all the information you need to email with confidence. Also, on our Pinterest account, you can find some great email deliverability tips, all gathered from our experts to help you hit the inbox.

Thank you for following us and we promise you more great content to come!