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ZeroBounce Tech News, January 2024: Update your account with 2FA

ZeroBounce Chief Technology Officer Paul Pintiliescu brings you the latest and reminds you to update your ZeroBounce account with two-factor authentication (2FA).

Happy New Year from the technical team at ZeroBounce!

New year – same commitment to

  • New, innovative products to enhance your email list
  • Faster, more accurate results
  • New integrations to make your life easier

It’s only January… but there are new ways to enhance your emails right now. But first, please check out this important security notice.

Action Required – Update your account with 2FA

In light of major data breaches happening across Tech at places like LinkedIn and Dropbox, we wanted to remind you to enable 2FA to protect your account.

We strongly encourage you to do the following ASAP:

  • Enable Two-Factor Authentication with Google or SMS via your ZeroBounce Profile Settings
  • Be sure to use a password for ZeroBounce that differs from your other logins. 

It only takes a moment to activate, and you’ll have greater control over who can access your account and use your credits.

Save your credits – get a free list evaluation

Unsure if your list needs a cleaning?

You can now take your validation credits further by adding the free list evaluator to your API validation flow! We evaluate a sample of your list and let you know if you can expect high bounce rates.


If you’re clean – pocket your credits and wait until next time. If bounces look likely, validation will start automatically to get rid of those invalid addresses. Learn about the updated flow here.

Attention Constant Contact and Mailchimp users

Be sure to check out our free, updated Mailchimp and Constant Contact integrations – now featuring:

  • Contact Monitoring – Monitor and validate every new contact that enters your email list automatically
  • List Sharing – Quickly share your contacts between supported CRM or sales platforms without the hassle of importing and exporting

Head over to your dashboard today and get started with updating your email list workflow!

Claim your quick results summary now

Just want a quick validation result summary without the extra files? Now, it’s yours.

With just a click, you grab a visual summary of your report in CSV/XLSX format from your dashboard!

Enhance your security with IP whitelisting

You can better protect your ZeroBounce API keys by allowing requests only from specific IP addresses or IP ranges. Check out how with the easy-to-follow docs!

This can also enhance your account login security. Control who accesses your account and uses your credits by whitelisting your chosen IPs.

Want to be an early tester for Okta SSO login?

We’re now testing a new integration with customers’ Okta organizations using the Inbound Federation feature! More details can be found here.

If your company uses Okta and would like to integrate with ZeroBounce for seamless login, please reach out to our Support Team to get started!

ZeroBounce India closing soon

ICYMI – the ZeroBounce India platform closes soon. Unfortunately, we’re not seeing the support needed to sustain a separate, dedicated platform.

If you have a .IN account – your last day to login is April 30, 2024. But – you can preserve any credits by creating a new account on We hope to see you there!

Hey there, thanks for choosing ZeroBounce in 2024. 

Look forward to the new features, tools, and enhancements set to come this year!