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Want Unlimited Email Validation? Try ZeroBounce Enterprise

You run a large company and have lots of people on your mailing list? We’ve got you covered! We created ZeroBounce Enterprise for those of you who need unlimited email validation capacities.

A dedicated account manager, a Customer Success engineer, professional email deliverability coaching – these are just some of the benefits you get with the Enterprise account.

Why unlimited email validation?

Because some of our customers have complex requirements when it comes to their businesses, and we want to take good care of them, too. The Enterprise Solutions is a multiplex package. It covers all the resources they need in order to build and maintain healthy, valuable email lists.

Are you one of these customers? Here’s what we got for you:

SLA: 99.99% Guaranteed Uptime

Yes, our Service Level Agreement (SLA) guarantees you 99.9% uptime. Whenever you need our bulk email validation platform or the API, we want to make sure you can access them. You can count on our platform being up and responsive.

24/7 Customer Support

At ZeroBounce, we never sleep. We drink gallons of coffee, every day, to make sure we’re awake when you reach out to us. Ok, just joking, we all get our rest, but we have a team of 15+ email validation experts to help you out at all times. So, in whatever corner of the world you may be, someone’s always going to be there to guide you through.

Dedicated Account Manager

This is one of the greatest benefits you get with the Enterprise Solutions. Of course, we invest time in all of our awesome customers. But an Account Manager is someone who’s going to put more time and resources in helping you succeed. He or she will talk to you, learn more about what you need, and work with you on finding the best email validation strategy for your business.

Named Customer Solution Engineer 

If your Account Manager encounters a technical problem they can’t solve, don’t worry! A Customer Solution engineer will jump in and bring the tools to troubleshoot any issue. Besides that, he or she will streamline the email validation process and provide the complex technical support you need.

That’s not all! With the Enterprise Solutions, you also get complimentary email validation coaching, a Customer Success engineer, early access to all of our innovations and much more!

You can read more about it here.