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ZeroBounce Reviews: What Our Custmers Say About Our Email Validation Platform

If you go on our website, you will find lots of information about how our system works, and by reading our list of features, you will get a better understanding of the benefits of email validation. But for those of you who need more information and would like to hear 100% unbiased opinions about ZeroBounce, we made a selection of some of the most detailed reviews our customers left on Trustpilot.

The most compelling ZeroBounce reviews

These are all people who have used our email verifier and decided to share their experience publicly. We are grateful for all the kind words, and very happy and honored to have you as our customers! These reviews motivate us every day to achieve our mission statement, which is to help you reach humans, not bots. And thus, help you reach your marketing success.


Not one for writing many reviews, but this company deserves a moment of my time. I made my highly technical selection by performing a Google search and reading a few dozen comparison reviews on technical forums I felt were legitimate. ZeroBounce seemed to be at the top of everyone’s list across multiple reviews.

We needed a product to help purge our large email contact list of unwanted bounces and dead addresses. Due to the size of our mailing efforts, having invalid bounces was creating issues with a few mail services temporarily blacklisting our valid customers.

ZeroBounce was a fairly quick and painless method using their import tool to capture all our customer email addresses and checking for validity. The report we received back was far more comprehensive than expected and was easily sorted for multiple methods of cleaning our marketing contact list.

In addition, our particular experience involved a mistake on our part and we had to reach out to their technical support team. Surprisingly, we received an immediate response from their email validation support team and their tech stuck with our problem personally for several days and dozens of conversations to resolve the issue on our side.

We needed ZeroBounce to make purging our email a simple process without tons of IT experience and involvement, which was a success. But during the process, we discovered that ZeroBounce is actively trying to make the experience a positive one for each customer that uses their service. I do recommend highly!


If you are looking to clean up your email client and prospect lists, ZeroBounce appears to work well. First it cleans out the bad invalid email addresses. Then as I understand it also cleans out the email addresses of recipients that have a tendency to report marketing email as spam. Even when people grant permission for your marketing email, there are some who generally may be more likely to mark advertising email as spam.

People just get so much email these days. So why intentionally send a marketing or communications message to people who don’t want to see it? That wastes their time and my effort. You work hard to target your email marketing to prospects who are interested in your product, and ZeroBounce is a tool that helps you to get there. At least it seems to be working as a good email validation tool for me, and I find the cost very reasonable as well.


ZeroBounce has been awesome! We’ve experienced nothing but easy to understand and research results, knowledge we are working off a clean, tight list, and excellent customer service when we’ve needed help. Great all around!


ZeroBounce is easy to use, and it helps to figure out if your emails are real or not. It is inexpensive and a great email validation tool for every marketer. I love ZeroBounce. I am glad to have it as it helps me a lot when people put in fake emails to find out before your email marketing campaign gets thrown out by the autoresponder. Happy to recommend ZeroBounce.


We’re a small nonprofit who was having some email problems. It was recommended that we clean our email list and find a service that checked for spam traps. As a nonprofit, funds are extremely limited and many of the websites out there are costly and/or require subscriptions. ZeroBounce was very reasonable in price and did a great job cleaning our list. They broke things out to a great level of detail. We will probably start scanning with them every year.


I compared ZeroBounce (ZB) with a newer, cheaper competitor. I gave them both 15,000 email addresses to clean. This was my first time using an email validation service. I have some really old subscribers going back many years. I found about 10% of these dropped their email accounts – lots of Hotmail, Yahoo etc.

The lower cost company’s software was not very robust. In fact it was amateurish. Their credit card system crashed while placing my order and my credit card was put on hold because this looked like fraud. Also, nothing was automated. I was dealing with a tech support guy on chat and he was about to go home. I guess it was 4 am in India at that time.

That’s when I tried ZB. The ordering process was flawless. I submitted 15,000 emails. Got the files and a report soon after. In fact, ZB provides a status dashboard during processing so I knew what was going on. With the lower cost competitor, I was kept in the dark. Tech support had gone home. I wasn’t sure if I would get any results. After studying the ZB results on my 15,000 emails, I submitted another 250,000 addresses to ZB.

I liked the way ZB gives you the results. There was one spreadsheet with all 15,000 emails and it had a column showing whether the email was valid or not and why. Then there was a separate spreadsheet containing emails that were invalid, and then I think a separate spreadsheet for each invalid reason. Finally, I like that any unused credits are still sitting there for the next time I do this.

“This is the most convenient, lowest cost and accurate email validation service we have ever used.”

I found Zero Bounce on Google. I was a skeptical because their price point was much lower than other others. Spoke with Alex at the toll free number and he was very knowledgeable, that gave me the reassurance I needed to purchase services.

We tested Zero Bounce with 1 mailing over 5 lists (52k total emails) using Send Grid. Bounces were at 0.32% and Spam Report at 0.09%. We could not be more pleased with Zero Bounce. I have been email marketing for 10 years and this is the most convenient, lowest cost and accurate email validation service we have ever used. I recommend Zero Bounce to anyone without hesitation.


We have a large database – nearly 200,000 contacts and I wanted to improve deliverability and cut out the dead stuff. I researched it carefully and read several industry reviews, finally deciding on ZeroBounce and one other. Because I wanted the best results, I used both to compare. Seriously interesting results!

Out of 193,240 entries, both email validation companies showed that about 1,700 were unknown and about 2,400 were invalid. The most amazing bit for me is, ZeroBounce flagged up 57,877 as being catch-all email addresses and 14,984 spam traps or “do not mail”. I paid the same amount for both exercises, but ZeroBounce give far, far better value for money than anyone else out there.


We acquire many of our new contacts at outdoor events. The crowds are too big for digital collection (plus, there’s no wifi) so we have to depend on written signups. When we return and transfer contacts to a spreadsheet for upload, we are getting >20% bounces. Our email provider was not happy with us. We had to find a way to clean up the list before we uploaded.

After some searching we settled on ZeroBounce. I was totally impressed with the thoroughness of their review. It found that 24 contacts were invalid. Yikes. There was even a category called “abuse”. These are abusers who just like to report email as spam. Watch out for them!!! I was able to upload my list into our email provider with not one problem. Thank you.


This worked great. I had an old email list that was getting a 35% or so bounce rate and getting my account suspended with AWS. Ran it through ZeroBounce, it eliminated about 30% of addresses, and my last mass mail had a sub 5% bounce rate. Very inexpensive, as well. Could have saved a lot of wasted time and trouble if I found the service sooner.

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