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Three Marketing Pros Teach You How to Grow Your Email List

There is no email marketer out there who thinks they have a big enough email list. No matter the industry we are trying to impact, we all want more subscribers in our database. And we’re ready to go the extra mile to achieve that. But what is the best way to grow your email list?

Email list growing tips

We looked at three of the most successful marketing people in the world and gathered some advice on the best email list growth strategies. You can test them yourself, one by one or all at once, for the most effective results.

RYAN HOLIDAY, 80,000+ subscribers

grow email list advice
Ryan Holiday/photo credit

He is a marketer, media strategist, entrepreneur and prolific author, whose books are now shaping the new media and PR landscape.

Ryan started his email list back in 2009, motivated by the desire to share his opinion on the books he was reading. His “Reading List Email” has since grown to over 80.000 subscribers, while Ryan has become one of the most respected marketing and PR writers.

His advice on how to grow your email list:

“The best way to drive people to your list is to have a list that people enjoy being on. I put a little line at the bottom that encourages readers to forward the email to friends. A lot of them do so because they genuinely do recommend it. Like all things, word of mouth is the best marketing there is.”

Ryan also advises us to not obsess over people who unsubscribe. Instaead, we can “obsess about quality” and deliver content people can use and learn from. Check out Ryan Holiday’s writing on, where you can also subscribe to his compelling newsletter.

MELYSSA GRIFFIN, 200,000+ subscribers

email list growing tips

Melyssa Griffin/photo credit

Griffin is a marketer and entrepreneur. She teaches online business and marketing to people who want to monetize their passion on the Internet.

Melyssa started her email list in 2014. Her generosity in offering practical advice and helpful techniques have turned her into one of the most successful marketing specialists in the world.

Her advice on how to grow your email list:

Melyssa’s first recommendation is to “create a high-converting website,” where you can place your first signup form above the fold, in a visible spot. She actually has seven signup forms, places strategically across her website. She credits this move as the most efficient way to gather new subscribers.

Melyssa is also a huge Pinterest fan and she used the network to considerably expand her database. Also, offering lots of freebies eventually paid off. Her worksheets, courses, e-books and webinars are loaded with fantastic resources for online business owners.

You can read more about Melyssa’s strategy here. We love being on her email list, and so will you!

NEIL PATEL, 100,000+ subscribers

grow your list like a pro

Neil Patel

He is one of the most popular entrepreneurs and marketing experts around the globe and a New York Times best selling author.

Neil Patel is an authority in marketing. People love and follow his recommendations because they return results and don’t take a rocket scientist to implement them. You can learn a lot from Neil if you read his articles and watch his videos on YouTube and LinkedIn.

His advice on how to grow your email list:

“Possibly the simplest and most effective way of building a list is to buy traffic and send it to a landing page,” Neil says. He also suggests creating a giveaway that you can offer in exchange of people’s email addresses. Also, encouraging your subscribers to forward your emails will potentially bring you a new audience, Patel believes.

You can find more information on Neil Patel’s blog and by signing up for his newsletters.

Work like a pro: validate your email list!

Seeing growth in your email list is a fantastic achievement. But don’t forget: the more it grows, the greater the chances that part of it is not valid. Around 30% of an email list deteriorates every single year, and keeping invalid email accounts in your database is going to harm you considerably. An email validation system will remove those accounts and will get rid of spam traps, thus protecting you from building a bad sender reputation. Also, a good email verifier will add missing information to your list, such as the name, gender and location of your subscribers.

Try out ZeroBounce and learn how you can send your emails safely and efficiently!