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Why Less Self-Promotion Is Better for Your Business

Email marketing remains the best way to reach your (potential) customers and sell your products and services. It is also an effective tool to boost your brand awareness and grow to become an authority in your industry. All this is true, provided you don’t turn your emails into mere self-promotion.

Your subscribers didn’t sign up for your communications only to be pitched. The secret of long-term success is to offer them a good reason to be on your list. And there is no better reason than valuable content.

Less self-promotion equals more engagement

Every time we think of people who manage email list successfully, there are two names that come to our mind: Ryan Holiday and Neil Patel.

Be like Ryan

Ryan is a media strategist, marketer and entrepreneur. He has written several books and is an avid reader himself. Actually, that’s why he started his email list: to share book recommendations. Now, his database gathers more than 80,000 people, and it’s growing. Has he ever promoted himself and his books? Yes, but seldom talks about his own books. Most of his emails contain great articles that anyone on his list can learn from. They are not trying to sell anything, but they are the best promoter of the Ryan Holiday brand. From a tiny database of 80 people, Ryan became an authority in marketing strategies, and that not only helps his books sell, but we bet it also brings him lots of new clients.

Be like Neil

I’ve been on Neil Patel’s email list for a while and I don’t remember getting one message saying anything about how great Neil is and how I should hurry to buy something from him. That’s not his strategy, and it shouldn’t be yours either. All Neil sends are plain text emails usually linking to an article on his blog where he gives precious information for free. Sharing his knowledge with generosity is what has turned Patel into one of the most respected marketers in the world. His articles and YouTube and LinkedIn videos all offer tremendous quality. Consistent quality gathers people around you, builds a sense of authority and eventually, it builds your brand.

Healthy self-promotion is when you create great email marketing campaigns

? Gather great articles & infographics you could send to your subscribers.

? Try to answer questions and solve problems your audience may have.

? Give your best advice. People will remember you for that.

? Make sure you reach them by using an email validation system to scrub your email list.

? Be consistent in your generosity. It will pay off.


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