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7 Benefits of Email Marketing and How An Email Checker Can Help You Do It Right

Whether we are marketers or consumers, email marketing has become a significant part of our daily lives. It seems like every time we check our inbox, there is at least one newsletter from a company that wants to pitch us something. As marketers, we craft one or more emails a week. We do it to keep in touch with our customers and develop a stronger relationship with them. From where we stand, there are even more benefits to email marketing, and we’re going to dive into this subject below. Also, we’re going to see how an email checker helps you do things right. Read on to learn more!

7 benefits of email marketing

Email marketing is faster and cheaper

…than traditional marketing, which requires higher costs and more time spent on artwork, printing and mailing. Besides, the tools to measure the effectiveness of traditional methods don’t even come close to the ones marketers are using now to track down their sales.

You can evaluate the exact return on investment (ROI)

This is what it all boils down to, in marketing: how much of what you’ve spent comes back to you in revenue. With email marketing, things are very clear: it now generates the greatest part of online sales and delivers 174 % more conversions than social media!

You can really get to know your audience

Even if you run a big company and manage a considerable database, you can still get to know the people you want to sell to. For example, ZeroBounce, a leading email verifier, not only validates your email list, but it also adds missing information related to a certain email account. You can thus find out the first and last name, location and gender of the address’s owner. Plus, the state/region/country where that address was created. Furthermore, your email service provider gathers insight about your audience’s behavior. So, you are able to see what, when and where works best. This will allow you to constantly optimize your campaigns.

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You can design your own emails

…from the comfort of your office. The best email service providers have graphic design tools. They’re so easy to use, that you can craft your newsletters like a pro, if you can’t hire a specialist or don’t want to depend on anyone but yourself. Plain text, pictures, videos, or GIFs. Whatever you choose to highlight the character of your brand is at the tip of your fingers.

People can share your newsletters

If you send out a paper brochure, it’s unlikely that the person who receives it will pass it on to a neighbor or friend. With an email, on the other hand, chances are they will forward it to 10 or 20 friends. Besides, they may share it on social media. Viral marketing is something we all aspire to.

Conversions can happen right away

You sent your email today and you can already track some conversions? That’s fantastic, isn’t it? Even one sale today is better than waiting to see what that traditional letter will accomplish next week.

You are less intrusive and you protect the environment

Apart from all these advantages, by using email marketing, you are being eco-friendly and less intrusive with your customers. They can just tap on that attractive subject line you wrote at a time that is most convenient to them.

The first marketing email ever sent was in 1978. That’s when Gary Thuerk of Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) used the ARPANET to send a mass message to about 400 potential clients, Wikipedia says. The result? More than $13 million worth of sales in DEC products and a whole new perspective on how we can achieve effective marketing online. Many call Thuerk “the father of spam.” Others call him “the father of email marketing.”

In the meantime, email marketing has evolved to a billion-dollar industry that more and more businesses are part of. As we’ve seen above, its pros are undeniable, but the cons are also worth noting.


A word no marketer wants to be associated with. But, as email marketing developed, users began using different tools to block content they feel overwhelmed by. Even people who have subscribed to your email list may mark your message as Spam, so you need a shield to protect you from being harmed that way. A reliable email checker will detect accounts that have a history of marking emails as Spam, and will advise you to keep a distance from them.

Low deliverability

Pay attention to the keywords you use in your subject line. Some email softwares and internet service providers may interpret them as Spam and never deliver your message. Keeping your database up to date is essential, as 30 % of it goes bad every single year. Use an email verification system to get rid of inaccurate or abandoned addresses, and this will increase your deliverability rates tremendously.

Curious about deliverability rates?

According to a 2016 report quoted by Email Stat Center, in the U.S., legitimate email servers had a delivery rate of 73 %, while 6 % of emails were marked as Spam. In other places of the world, deliverability rates look like this:

Australia delivers at 90%

Canada at 89%

Britain at 88%

France at 84%

Germany at 80%

Brazil at 79%