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ZeroBounce Activity Data: Get More Insights into Your Email List

We’ve just launched Activity Data to give you extra insight into your email list engagement. See who your most active subscribers are and target them with your best campaigns.

They check their inbox at least once a month. Whether they open, click, forward or unsubscribe, these are the people you have a real chance to reach with your emails.

How do you know who they are, though?

We answered this question by creating ZeroBounce Activity Data, a brand-new feature that gives you further insights into your lists.

What is Activity Data?

Our newest tool, ZeroBounce Activity Data, shows you which of your subscribers have engaged with an email by either:
• opening
• clicking
• forwarding
• or unsubscribing.
We then serve those results up in a timeframe of 30, 60, 90, 180 or 365 days so that you can get a better understanding of who might engage with your emails.

“Adding activity data to your toolbelt can really help the reputation and performance of your campaigns,” our COO Brian Minick says.

Brian goes on to explain: “Sending emails to known engagers will increase your campaign performance, which in return will give you a boosted reputation with Internet service providers (ISPs) and spam filters.”

How Activity Data helps you

Expanding on what Brian said, let’s take a closer look at how Activity Data helps and why it can be one of the most relevant tools in your shed.

Effective email marketing is all about engagement. Not only do your metrics reflect your overall performance but also, good engagement adds to your sender reputation.

ISPs focus on giving their users the best experience possible. So, senders that manage to be engaging – and generate clicks – earn their spot in the inbox.

On the other hand, if many of your subscribers don’t interact with your emails, that will affect your reputation and drag your metrics down.

All email lists have subscribers that don’t engage. Apart from removing them periodically, what you could do is segment and target your most active subscribers. People who spend time in their inboxes and that are more likely to react to your messages.

“This product really excites me because it’s another step forward on a path that ZeroBounce is going. This powerful data append will help all of our customers get more our of their email campaigns,” says ZeroBounce CEO Liviu Tanase.

How does ZeroBounce uncover this data?

ZeroBounce Activity Data uses interaction data from our scoring partners. We perform this matching process in-house, through our infrastructure, and never transfer or share your data with third parties.

Furthermore, ZeroBounce adheres to GDPR protocols and other privacy regulations. Please read our privacy and data protection policy for more information.

How to use the new feature

Once your email validation results are ready for download, access the “Activity Data” in the data appends section.

We’ll automatically scan your entire list and let you know how many we found.

To add that data to your list, just tick the box, then download your file.

activity data email subscribers

“I like that we came up with a way to display the result so you can decide if it’s useful for you or not,” ZeroBounce COO Brian Minick says.

Want to see how Activity Data works?

Get activity data on your email list

Activity Data is an optional service. Each matched contact will consume one credit out of your account. The service won’t consume any credits if no data is matched.

Want to use Activity Data in real time?

We just added a beta API endpoint for ZeroBounce Activity that we’re inviting you to try!

To integrate it into your platform, please go through our Documentation page.

Have you tried our deliverability tools?

In the past year, we’ve released several tools to help you enhance your email lists and boost deliverability.

With ZeroBounce, you can now:

  • validate your list in bulk and in real time
  • score catch-all emails and keep only the best ones
  • test your emails for the highest inbox placement
  • monitor your IP and domain for blacklists

If you’re already enjoying these tools, you’ll also like Activity Data. Give it a try and let us know what you think!

Give ZeroBounce Activity Data a try