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We Have A New Website! What Do You Think of Our Email Validation Platform?

We’re thrilled to announce we have a brand new website! Our team has been working on it for the last couple of months, and we couldn’t wait to share the result with you. We designed the new ZeroBounce email validation platform to offer you a better experience.

Also, we wanted to make it easier for you to find all the information you need about our email verifier. What’s new? Everything! We didn’t keep any element from our previous design. Besides, we added the “Why Us” section, where you can learn more about our brand’s mission.

Our team has also expanded to provide you with the best 24/7 email validation service possible. Discover our new colleagues on our LinkedIn page! ZeroBounce now has offices on three continents: in the U.S. (Santa Barbara and Las Vegas), in Romania and India.

The ZeroBounce email validation platform: what you get

So, what do you get if you choose our email validation platform? A complex service that focuses on getting you closer to your subscribers. We detect:

@email bounce

@abuse, disposable, and catch-all emails

@ spam traps

@ disposable email addresses

… just to name a few!

With ZeroBounce, you also get access to the Email Append feature. So, if you want to learn more about the people on your email list, this is exactly what you’re looking for. The Email Append feature adds info such as first and last name, gender and location to the addresses in your database.

We thank you for your interest in ZeroBounce and hope you can boogie on over to the new website!


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