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ZeroBounce Launches Email Deliverability Tools

ZeroBounce launches email deliverability tools to help you make sure your emails are good to go before you hit “send.” The new inbox placement tester and email server tester give you valuable feedback on: 

  • how well your email server is configured 
  • whether your emails will land in the inbox or spam.

What these email deliverability tools do for you

How do you know your emails are good to go?

Is it when you’re finally happy with your template?

When you feel confident that your copy is convincing enough to bring conversions?

Or when your subject line is a power combo of David Ogilvy & Gary Halbert copywriting techniques?

It’s true, all aspects of your email matter: template, subject line, links, body, and call-to-action copy. They all should work towards a common goal: giving your subscribers what they want so you can get better email marketing results

ZeroBounce email deliverability tools

However, before you even get a chance to see how your email content performs, you need to know whether:

  • the email addresses you’re sending to are valid
  • your mail server is configured correctly
  • and your email is going to reach your subscribers’ inboxes. 

Starting today, ZeroBounce gives you all the tools you need to answer these vital questions. This way, you can spot and resolve any issues ahead of time and send your emails knowing where they’re going.

“I’m very excited to have our new email deliverability tools available for our customers,” ZeroBounce Chief Operating Officer Brian Minick says.

“Having insight into your email marketing campaigns is very powerful. There are so many barriers to having an effective campaign. Most people don’t really know the outcome other than basic ESP reporting. Besides having a good healthy list, items like your content and how your email server is configured can play a huge role!”, our COO adds.

Now, let’s get into the nitty-gritty of what our new email deliverability tools can do for you and how they work.

email server tester

Is my email server configured correctly? This tester will tell you

Configuring your email server has a dramatic impact on your inbox placement. Ignoring this step may cause your emails to land in spam. As ZeroBounce Chief Technology Officer Henry Timmes explains, “delivering emails starts with a correctly configured mail server. It’s the most critical step that many senders overlook.”

The ZeroBounce Email Server Tester analyzes your email headers to determine whether your email server is configured correctly. We run more than 100 different tests to identify any deliverability issues so you can tackle them before sending.

“Once your mail server is configured correctly to send email using the latest RFC Email Standards, everything else starts to fall in place,” adds Henry Timmes.

how to use email deliverability tools

How to use the email server tester

We’ve made our email deliverability tools easy to use – just make sure you follow these steps to start testing your mail server.

Send an email

Log into your ZeroBounce account and navigate over to the Email Server Tester area. From the email server you want to test, send an email to the address ZeroBounce gives you. 

Wait for the results

The email server tester should return your results within minutes. In some cases, you may have to wait a little longer. Our system will display a summary of the warnings and critical errors you need to address.

To get more information, click the “View Results” button.

Save your report and share it with your postmaster

Some of the warnings and errors you get may be too hard to interpret and resolve by yourself. No worries: you can scroll down to the bottom of the page and save your report as a PDF.

Next, you can share it with your postmaster to get feedback on how to resolve each issue. Once you’ve fixed the errors, you can come back to us and run another test.

 “With ZeroBounce’s new email server tester, you can quickly see if your email server has misconfigurations or critical errors that might be affecting your deliverability. Once the email server is configured properly, you can then rely on our inbox placement tester to see where your email will land with the most popular providers.”

Brian Minick, ZeroBounce COO

Learn more about the email server tester by reading our email deliverability tools documentation page.

inbox placement tester

Will my email go to spam? The inbox placement tester will tell you

We wrote extensively on this blog about the reasons why your emails may be going to spam. It could be that your email list needs cleaning, or you’re using spam trigger words in your subject line. Perhaps your IP was used for spam, or maybe your email engagement is not that great. 

But what if instead of guessing, you could get clear insight into your future email deliverability? This is exactly why we created the inbox placement tester: to tell you whether your email will make it to people’s inboxes.

How to use the inbox placement tester

So, how does our inbox placement tester work? Here are the steps in a nutshell:

  • create an email
  • send it to the testing email addresses we provide you 
  • get your results and fix any potential issues.

The ZeroBounce Inbox Placement Tester allows you to send an email to different mailbox providers and check whether it’ll make it to your recipients’ inboxes. 

inbox placement tester tool

Create your email

Start by building your email in your email service provider dashboard. Once it’s ready, log into your ZeroBounce account and navigate to the Inbox Placement Tester area. 

What domains would you like to test?

Then, choose the mailbox providers you’d like to test by clicking the dropdown menu. ZeroBounce gives you more than 20 international email addresses so you can get the most comprehensive feedback. You can choose only one or you can test for all of them.

Send your test email

Create a new email list with all the addresses you’d like to use in your test. Then add the unique code we give you anywhere in the body or the footer of your email. That’s it! You’re ready to send your test!

Get your results

Within a few minutes, our system records your email’s placement and you should see your results. It will be either:

  • Inbox: Way to go! Your email has reached your recipient’s inbox, which means you can send it confidently to your list.
  • Not delivered: Bummer! Your email got lost on the way. Do not send your campaign before identifying and addressing the cause.
  • Spam: That’s not where you want to be! Double-check your list’s accuracy and your content before sending your campaign.

There are several reasons why your email lands in spam or doesn’t get delivered at all. Consult with your postmaster on the right strategy to overcome these obstacles. 

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“Knowing if your email made it to inbox or spam is incredibly important. Most ESP’s just say ‘bounces’ and ‘delivered.’ But what if all your emails went to spam? Our tester gives you a peek into the performance of your campaign. That allows you to make adjustments to see if you can pull your emails out of spam, and move them to inbox. Once you have mastered this technique, your campaign performance should quickly improve.”

Brian Minick, ZeroBounce COO

inbox placement tester

You get one of each test for free every month

If you have a ZeroBounce account, you’re already enjoying 100 free email validations per month. What’s even better, with a Freemium account, you also get one of each test for free – every month!

Here an overview of the packages including our email deliverability tools

Freemium: 1 inbox placement test, 1 email server test per month – free

Starter: 50 inbox placement tests, 50 email server tests per month – $39/month

Pro: 500 inbox placement tests, 500 email server tests per month – $249/month

Enterprise: unlimited inbox placement tests, unlimited email server tests per month – $999/month

“ZeroBounce is committed to providing our customers with leading email deliverability tools so they can be effective marketers. We look forward to developing more tools. The best part is every customer can try the full version of these new tools for free, with no strings attached. Once you love it, you can select a package that fits your needs based on how many emails you send.”

Liviu Tanase, ZeroBounce CEO

So, is your mail server configured as it should? Will your email reach the inbox or land in spam? Take your tests for free and find out!

Where will your email go?