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Quick Access to Your Email List Validation Service: ZeroBounce Partners with Mailbird

You know how much we value your time, and that’s why our team strives to make email list validation a breeze for you. Today, we bring you a new, exciting partnership! ZeroBounce integrates with Mailbird, so you can get quick access to our system and keep up with your email hygiene.

If you use Mailbird, you love the fact that it allows you to sync all your email communication. The platform helps you stay organized and save time – that’s less distraction, less effort, and more focus on the rest of your to-do list.

But what if you wanted to access ZeroBounce while using Mailbird?

That’s why we partnered with the world’s favorite email client – so you can use our system more easily.


How to find our email list validation service in Mailbird

1. Open the Mailbird app.

2. At the bottom left of the Mailbird window, click on the three dots – that’s where you’ll find all the apps, including ours.

3. Then, select ZeroBounce, or search for it in the apps section.

4. Check the box next to ZeroBounce.

5. Once checked, the ZeroBounce icon will appear on the left navigation pane.

6. Next, click on the ZeroBounce icon on the left navigation pane.

7. Finally, log into your ZeroBounce account or sign up for a free-for-life account and start validating!

“The ease of use and the reliability of our teams make this integration with Mailbird a win for our customers. They can log into ZeroBounce or sign up for an account in less than a minute. While never having to leave the Mailbird platform, they can check on their email list validation status. Also, if they have any questions, our team is just one click away, and is there to help 24/7,” says ZeroBounce CEO Liviu Tanase.

Mailbird: access all of your email accounts and favorite apps from one place

Mailbird has over two million users, and for good reason. As an email client for Windows, it helps people and teams communicate better.

In our busy world, managing multiple email accounts can be a hassle. Especially when you think of all the other apps we use, on a daily basis, for both personal and professional tasks. Thus, every tool that saves us time and makes our lives easier is an asset. Mailbird is one of these tools.

On Mailbird, you can manage all of your email accounts in one place.

Furthermore, right within the platform, you can access your favorite apps – such as Google Calendar, Slack, Facebook, Dropbox, Twitter. And ZeroBounce!

“At Mailbird, email communication is our core focus, and improving the way in which we manage that communication is essential to us and businesses everywhere. Partnering with ZeroBounce is yet another great initiative Mailbird brings to the world of email users. By helping them validate all emails before sending, it gives them protection for their sender reputation. Brilliant and a time saver for any business or individual who uses email marketing to grow!” says Mailbird CEO Andrea Loubier.

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Why it’s important to validate your email list

Because great email marketing starts with a healthy database.

According to HubSpot, more than 22% of your list becomes obsolete within a year. Due to people changing jobs and email addresses, or abandoning their old accounts, some of your emails are going to bounce.

Then, there are spam traps, catch-all and temporary addresses that can spoil your list and impact your deliverability. Also, some of your subscribers may be – or turn into – email complainers. Abuse emails are risky for your sender reputation, so it’s best to remove them.

There’s no way of knowing which email addresses are bad. That is where an email list validation system comes into play. With 98% accuracy, ZeroBounce removes bad data from your list and helps you reach your customers.

Once your list is clean, you’ll notice:
  • a boost in your email deliverability.
  • your open and click-through rates will be higher.
  • a better ROI from your email marketing campaigns.

To get started on the two platforms, download Mailbird and create an account with ZeroBounce!