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Liviu Tanase, Founder of ZeroBounce, on Generational Email Marketing

If you think we’re bragging, we are! Liviu Tanase, founder and CEO of email validation system ZeroBounce, appeared in two important publications this week. Read his latest articles on email and generational marketing!

For Entrepreneur magazine, Liviu wrote a piece that explains why email is still the best way a business can us to communicate with its customers. Furthermore, Liviu Tanase reveals some of the golden rules of email deliverability. Stick to them and your campaigns will see a significant boost!

How to approach generational email marketing

On, the founder of ZeroBounce shared his best email marketing tips when targeting Generations X and Y. Liviu zoomed in on the two generations’ mindsets and preferences, to help you craft the most relevant campaigns for them.

Liviu Tanase is a serial entrepreneur and telecommunications executive. He founded email validation system ZeroBounce in 2017 to help organizations improve their email deliverability.

Your sender reputation matters

An increasing number of companies and digital entrepreneurs use email validation services to keep their lists in shape. They’ve become aware of their sender reputation and how much it can impact their email deliverability.

To illustrate, ReturnPath conducted a study which proves that, in 83% of cases, low sender reputation is to blame for emails not reaching their recipient.

cleaning email list

Email validation: how does it help?

A good email validation system helps you improve your sender reputation. Thus, it increases the number of emails that reach your subscribers. By removing risky email addresses from your list, you may end up with a smaller batch of leads, but you can count on them to succeed!

ZeroBounce has a long list of features that support email hygiene. It detects and eliminates:

  • typos
  • other invalid email addresses
  • disposable and catch-all emails
  • abuse emails
  • spam traps

Once your email list is free of these risky email addresses, you’re on the right path to better deliverability.

Have you used an email validation yet? What’s the number one feature you’re looking for?