zerobounce tech news announces a new way to check your email list, cloudflare workers integration and a new product release coming soon

March Tech News: A New Way to Check Your Email List

March Tech News is here – and with it – some platform updates we think you’ll love. ZeroBounce now gives you a new way to check your email list, a Cloudflare Workers integration — and a new product we’ve been teasing is coming soon!

Our free Email List Evaluator is here!

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Have you tried our new free email list evaluator? It’s a quick and easy way to check your email list, without having to create a ZeroBounce account.

We’re proud of the impact it’s had already on customers like you.

The list evaluator allows you to find out what percentage of your list is undeliverable and risky within minutes. We provide a result that lists a breakdown of the various risky email types we found on your list. By analyzing a segment of your list file, our tool provides you with helpful insights into the quality of your email data.

Integrate ZeroBounce with Cloudflare Workers

You can now deploy our new Cloudflare Workers on any Cloudflare website!

The new integration with Cloudflare Workers allows you to validate emails on your websites in real time with zero overhead or slowdown. The seamless integration makes it easy to install and offers zero impact on users visiting your site.

Updates to Zapier integrations

A new, updated version of our Zapier integration arrives soon!

Now, you can use it for features like file support, batch validation, Email Scoring, and Activity Data.

Enjoy more ways to automate your work and spend that time on what matters most.

No coding required.

New product finally arrives in April

Thanks to our team (and amazing beta testers), we will launch our long-awaited new product in April! API users will be first to enjoy this exciting tool, followed by a complete launch for the web in the near future!

If you want a serious email marketing game-changer, stay tuned for this one…

New security achievements – API Shield and HIPAA certification

Adding to our already-impressive list of security features…

API Shield is now here!

This feature strengthens the security of our API further with strict client certificate-based identity and schema-based validation.

In addition, we’re working toward HIPAA compliance and certification – because your data’s security is our top priority.

Try the ZeroBounce free email verifier

API Version 1 deprecation

The deprecation of our email validation API version 1 is underway…

And you’re almost out of time to update!

We expect V1 to reach its end of life on May 1st, 2023. If you still use Version 1, you should upgrade to Version 2 to avoid interruptions. This will not impact Version 2 users.

Thank you for helping ZeroBounce continue to evolve!

If you have questions or concerns, feel free to contact me anytime.

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