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October Tech News: ZeroBounce New Features and Updates

In this October edition of ZeroBounce Tech News, we share the latest of ZeroBounce new features and additions to our upcoming platform. Among these includes an Email List Evaluator, a special tease of a forthcoming tool, and additional updates that promise to enhance your user experience – no matter your current plan.

These new features and additions will improve your email marketing campaigns and ZeroBounce experience. Read on to discover what our team of developers has in store for you and your team.

Top news: ZeroBounce new features and additions

This month, the ZeroBounce team is excited to announce two key features in development and pending final release dates. In the meantime, here are exclusive looks at what we have for you this month and beyond.

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ZeroBounce new feature: the Email List Evaluator

What if you could get a glimpse of your email list health – before you actually validated it? 

One of the upcoming features is ZeroBounce’s Email List Evaluator. This tool will provide you with, free of charge, a sneak peek into the results you might expect from full email list validation results based on a quick sampling. 

The Email List Evaluator allows you to check out your list’s cleanliness and what percentage of addresses are undeliverable. Upload your list as a CSV file or enter a single email address. Then, click Verify and get your results in no time.

New tool coming soon

You asked for it, and now it’s in the works. 

Our new tool will help make connecting easier, so if you’re in sales or doing any email outreach, this will be a game changer! Stay tuned because it’s coming at the beginning of next year! We can’t wait to unveil this one.

A quick update for Gmail and GSuite 

We’re always improving the accuracy of your email validation results.

For email addresses that contain the +sign, ZeroBounce will now display the sub-status alias_address. That way, you’ll know if someone is using an alias as part of their actual email address so that you can prevent potential abuse. Anything after the + symbol is not part of their valid email address.

Improvements to accuracy and scalability

ZeroBounce keeps upgrading its efficiency by validating emails faster with the highest accuracy. 

We also focused on improving the intelligence behind Zerobounce’s new features and tools. This ensures that we can scale up and down when required without any impact on your customer experience.

¿Habla español? 

Our Spanish website will go live soon! 

In the new year, our goal is to provide more site translations for our customers worldwide. We intend to support these websites with staff members fluent in those respective languages. 

With these alternate site versions, ZeroBounce will provide a superior user experience that will lead to higher customer satisfaction.

Announcing a partnership with Whistic

Compliance-wise, we’re happy to announce a partnership with Whistic. They are a vendor security network that provides next-level security for some of the biggest bands around the globe.

Our partnership gives us a better way of assessing, publishing and sharing security information. We have profiles available in Whistic based on industry-standard frameworks with all supporting documentation, audits and certifications. 

This gives you the transparency and security assurance to trust ZeroBounce as your strategic partner in data protection

Looking forward to November’s ZeroBounce Tech News

In the coming month, we’ll continue to research how we can improve your experience with ZeroBounce by adding new features and increasing product quality. 

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