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September Tech News: ZeroBounce 2.0 Now in Beta

Welcome to ZeroBounce Tech News, where we share updates on our platform’s technical innovations that matter to you. We’re always working to make ZeroBounce better. Everything we do is so you can reach the inbox and make your life easier – and that’s the driving force behind ZeroBounce 2.0.

We’ve got some other good things to report. 

Read on to find out about some of the improvements we made this month. Furthermore, learn about how our partnership with HackerOne will make ZeroBounce even more secure.

Biggest news: ZeroBounce 2.0 is now in beta

As many of you know, ZeroBounce 2.0 is now in beta. We’re so grateful for all your feedback and support!

Shoutout to Simon Harper of SRH Designs who was among the first to test the beta. He even shared his take on the new ZeroBounce in his Mail Mondays newsletter. P.S. – We recommend you get signed up. 

Screenshot of the Mail Mondays email newsletter from SRH Design reviewing the ZeroBounce 2.0 beta.
Simon Harper’s Mail Monday newsletter reviewed the beta of ZeroBounce 2.0.

Within weeks ZeroBounce 2.0 will become primary, adding more speed, value and accuracy to your email validations. 

By the end of the year, we’ll all be logging into the new platform. Our team is working to make this a smooth transition and we can’t wait to move from beta to the big unveiling of 2.0.

A few additional improvements from September

While we’re awaiting the launch of ZeroBounce 2.0, we’re always working on immediate technical improvements. 

Here are some of our other September updates: 

  • You can now validate more files faster – we’ve increased our capacity.
  • Also, you’ll see fewer “unknown” results – we’re developing new validation approaches around slow and unresponsive domains.
  • Lastly, you get faster API response times – we handle graylisting tracking for recurrent events.

New email validation sub-status: MXFORWARD

Apart from boosting accuracy and speed, we always want to add more info to the data we validate and help you build the most powerful email lists. The more in-depth data you can get about your contact, the better your email campaigns will be.

In September, we added a new sub-status to our validation results: MXFORWARD. These email addresses are risky because the domain isn’t displaying its MX records, or there are multiple domains forwarding into one. 

You’re better off removing these types of contacts from your list.

Security: we partnered with HackerOne

You know how much effort we put into our security systems. It’s always at the forefront and our world-class security is something we take pride in. 

After receiving the SOC 2 Type 2 and ISO 27001 certifications, we partnered with bug bounty platform HackerOne. That gives us access to a large community of ethical security advisors that participate in our generous bug bounty program.

On top of that, we run internal and external monthly penetration tests, code review and code security assessments. We’ll keep raising the bar to ensure our commitment to security assurance at the highest levels.

ZeroBounce Tech News will be coming out monthly

We’re excited to share more of these updates, so please stay tuned for more news next month.

And of course, we’ll be extra enthusiastic when ZeroBounce 2.0 finishes being in beta and is finalized! 

Also, you can sign up to our email list for current updates. And if you have any feedback, reach out to us at any time. We welcome and value your feedback.