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Verify Emails Instantly: How to Integrate ZeroBounce into Ideta’s Chatbot

Typos are common in chatbot conversations. So is the use of fake and temporary email addresses. Our guest on the blog today, Eléonore Laloux of Ideta, shows you how to verify emails instantly in Ideta’s chatbot.

By 2025, there will be more than 4.5 billion email accounts in the world, a Statista study shows. People use email for so many purposes, both business and personal, and they spend hours in their inboxes every day.

So it makes sense for brands to think of email as one of the top marketing channels in 2021 and beyond. Getting someone’s email address in a chat conversation isn’t hard. However, making sure it’s a real contact is critical to your email marketing and sales.

Why you should verify emails and build a healthy list

People misspell words all the time, and especially when chatting with customer support or with a chatbot. When it comes to email, though, an innocent typo will cost you a lead.

Not only will you not be able to reach that person again, but you may lose their trust forever if they expect a message from you.

So, in email marketing and sales, it’s key to ensure that the addresses you collect are valid. No business wants a database full of misspelled, fake or temporary contacts.

Looking for a way to verify emails instantly and improve your lead generation and conversions?

We’ve got what you need! 

ZeroBounce and Ideta help you verify emails on the fly

ZeroBounce and Ideta decided to partner and integrate ZeroBounce’s real-time email verification API with Ideta’s chatbots platform.

That means you have an easy way to collect verify emails instantly in a chatbot. Integrated into Ideta’ chatbots, ZeroBounce’s real-time email verification API:

  • prevents bad email addresses from getting into your mailing lists,
  • helps you gather valid leads and build a healthy database that you can nurture, and
  • thus improves your conversion rates.
Want to see how ZeroBounce works? Give it a try!

What does the real-time email verification API do?

First things first, what is an API?

An Application Programming Interface (API) is a software solution that acts as an intermediary between two applications and eases the communication between them.

You can connect the ZeroBounce real-time email verification API with another application – like Ideta – to validate emails at the point of signup.

Within seconds, the API can detect:

  • invalid email addresses that will cause bounces,
  • misspelled domains, by spotting typos right away,
  • spam traps or bot-created emails,
  • temporary email addresses,
  • abuse emails belonging to known complainers.

Preventing these types of contacts from getting on your list protects your sender reputation and keeps deliverability high.

What’s more, the ZeroBounce real-time email verifier enhances your list with additional data. For instance, it can:

  • detect the gender of the email address owner
  • and whether the email address is associated with a free or corporate provider.

Furthermore, its “did you mean?” feature tells people they’ve made a typo and even suggests corrections to fix the misspelling.

ZeroBounce gives you access to reports that break down all email verifications. Thus, you can easily keep an eye on what the API does and how it preserves your email hygiene.

In a nutshell, while the ZeroBounce bulk email verification API checks your existing mailing list, the real-time API verifies emails as they’re being added to your database.

It prevents bad contacts from spoiling your list and keeps your reputation in check.

The API enhances your emails’ deliverability, preventing them from bouncing back and improving your conversation rate in the long run.

Why use the API with Ideta’s chatbot

Chatbots are conversational robots programmed to answer people’s questions automatically. They’re the little box you sometimes see in the bottom right corner of your screen when browsing a website.

They can perform a wide range of tasks, from helping customers find a product, to scheduling an appointment or getting them signed up to your newsletter.

Also, chatbots are often used for lead generation and thus ask for people’s email addresses more often than not.

In a chatbot that doesn’t use email verification, email typos are frequent. Sometimes, people will use fake emails to keep talking to your chatbot without having to give their real email addresses.

Gathering incorrect contacts is a waste of resources for any company.

By integrating ZeroBounce’s email verification API into Ideta’s chatbot, you can verify emails at the point of entry, detect the bad ones and prevent them from getting into your lists.

verify emails in real time

As you can see in the image above, we tested the API ourselves in an Ideta chatbot.

When it’s time to get back to a customer, you have peace of mind knowing your email is going to the right address. Also, with chatbots that allow people to sign up for newsletters, the email verifier API helps to reduce bounces and land your emails in the inbox.

Using ZeroBounce’ real-time email verification API with Ideta’ chatbots

Ideta’s chatbots are powerful lead generation tools. On average, the contact rate of a chatbot is seven times better than a contact page thanks to its visibility and ease of use. Combined with ZeroBounce’s real-time email verification API, you can greatly increase your conversion rate down the line.

When integrated with an Ideta chatbot, ZeroBounce’s real-time email verification API helps the chatbot detect typos and fake emails, thus preventing people from entering invalid emails into your chatbot.

The API helps Ideta’s chatbot detect over 30 status and sub-status codes – such as invalid emails, catch-all, spam traps or abuse email addresses.

The email verification happens instantly or within seconds so that the conversation inside the chatbot keeps flowing. The API runs quietly in the background and does its job without disruptions.

Last but not least, verifying emails with the API is easy. To integrate the ZeroBounce API into Ideta, just put in your API key and you’ll get access to all its benefits. Use the template Ideta created for you and you’ll be up and running in no time.

One more thing: Ideta allows you to export your verified emails into your CRM software, whether it be Pipedrive, Salesforce or HubSpot.

To get more information on how to verify emails in Ideta’s chatbots, watch our webinar with Ideta and RedCap!

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Author: Eléonore Laloux is an Intercultural Management student. She started writing articles for Ideta in June 2020. Eléonore loves cinema, drama, traveling and is always ready to learn new languages.