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Constant Contact Integration: We Can Cross That Off the List!

Constant Contact integration? Done! ZeroBounce now integrates directly with your email marketing platform. That means you can easily import your email lists from your Constant Contact to your ZeroBounce account.

We know that many of you use Constant Contact to send your newsletters and email campaigns. So our engineers built a “bridge” between ZeroBounce and your email marketing platform, for you to save time and increase your productivity.

We rolled out the Constant Contact integration just recently, and we’re happy to see many of you are enjoying it already!

How the Constant Contact integration helps you

The new function allows you to import your email list from Constant Contact and validate it with ZeroBounce, in a matter of minutes. To protect your sender reputation, ZeroBounce only imports your active contacts, while leaving the unsubscribed email addresses behind. In order to achieve the highest email deliverability, we recommend you  follow best email marketing practices.

Due to the API limitation, the Constant Contact integration doesn’t allow the export of your clean email list back to your email marketing platform. However, this aspect might change in the future, when Constant Contact provides the API capability.

How to use the Constant Contact integration

First, you would need to have an active account with both ZeroBounce and Constant Contact. In your ZeroBounce dashboard, you start by entering your Constant Contact username and password. Don’t worry: we built this integration using OAuth2 for authorization. This is a secure process that gives our application permission to access Constant Contact without passing user credentials. We won’t store your username and password, as the access token is destroyed once you either log off or close your browser.

Read our documentation to learn more about how to use the Constant Contact integration!

What if I use MailChimp to send my emails?

We’ve got you covered! The Constant Contact integration is just the latest one we released. A couple of weeks ago, our engineers completed the MailChimp integration. So now you can import your email list from MailChimp, let ZeroBounce clean it, and then export it back directly to your MailChimp account. The integration sure does make the whole process easier for you!

bulk email verifier

Why cleaning your list matters

Whether you’re using our MailChimp or Constant Contact integration, cleaning your email list is essential when you expect great email marketing results. As a bulk email verifier, ZeroBounce eliminates unwanted email addresses from your database, thus helping you improve your sender reputation and increase your deliverability.

So, what exactly does ZeroBounce weed out of your database?

@ misspelled and other invalid email addresses

@ dormant or completely abandoned contacts

@ spam traps

@ catch-all, abuse, disposable and role based email addresses

On top of that, the ZeroBounce Email Append service will add information about your subscribers that you weren’t able to gather. The system appends their first and last name, gender, and location, to support better customer segmentation.

We hope you enjoy the MailChimp and Constant Contact integration and thanks for choosing ZeroBounce!