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Liviu Tanase & ZeroBounce, in the Print Version of Entrepreneur Magazine

Few things are more exciting than to be interviewed for Entrepreneur magazine. Our CEO Liviu Tanase can tell you that! The founder of email verification system ZeroBounce just appeared in the May 2018 issue of the esteemed publication.

Liviu Tanase, in Entrepreneur

In the Q&A, Liviu Tanase talks his entrepreneurial beginnings in his home country of Romania. Also, he explains why he decided to move to The United States four years ago. “The U.S. has a forward-thinking culture which adopts new technologies and creates leading platforms in email marketing. I wanted to be a part of this,” says Tanase. He founded email verification service ZeroBounce in 2016.

The editors of Entrepreneur focused their questions on how business owners can foster a successful work culture within their companies. Liviu, who founded five companies and is also a board member in two others, has offered some very inspiring answers. “As employees grow, they are empowered to become their own entrepreneurs within the company. They have the freedom to create teams, accept functional roles, and even define mini-cultures within the teams.”

This is just a glimpse from the interview, which we invite you to read in this month’s Entrepreneur!

ZeroBounce logo with Entrepreneur magazine cover

Email verification, on the rise

An increasing number of companies realize that email hygiene is crucial to business performance. With the increase in spam, email users need to protect themselves and keep healthy email lists. As a result, email verification has become a common practice nowadays. Invalid email addresses negatively impact sender reputation and email deliverability. On the other hand, a clean email list is key to reaching your subscribers and establishing a stronger bond to them.

ZeroBounce offers 100 free email verification credits for anyone who wants to test the service. Also, there is a customer support team available 24/7 to answer any questions and help you out.