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How to Make the Most of Our HubSpot Integration

Do you use ZeroBounce for email validation? We’re happy to have you! Do you use HubSpot? We do, too! And because we know how important of a resource time is, we wanted you to validate your HubSpot email lists fast and easy. The ZeroBounce – HubSpot integration is up and running now, so you can stay on top of your email hygiene hassle-free.

How the HubSpot integration helps you

Taking care of your email list has just gotten a lot easier. If you have a HubSpot and a ZeroBounce account, you can now import your HubSpot email lists directly into ZeroBounce for our system to validate them. No download and upload needed! Once you get your results, you can download them from your ZeroBounce account and import them back into HubSpot. Done!

Now you know that you’re only using valid and safe email addresses, so you can keep a good sender reputation and ensure your email deliverability.

If you need a step-by-step guide to use the ZeroBounce – HubSpot integration, please read our documentation. Our engineers have explained the process in detail.

If you’d like to learn about our other integrations – MailChimp and Constant Contact included – please click here.

Why email validation is crucial to your email marketing

There is so much talk about email marketing ROI nowadays. It’s true, email is an excellent platform for businesses to connect with their audience and boost their conversions. However, not all email marketing works.

One-size-fits-all messages are going to fall flat.

Overly-promotional emails will turn people away from your brand.

And, most of all, a messy list will prevent people from even getting your message in the first place.

Email validation is here to help you get in the inbox.

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All those email addresses you don’t need? An email verifier gets rid of them

Marketers are sometimes blinded by the desire to build a big email list. Sure, growing your database is a worthy goal, but having lots of contacts doesn’t guarantee you a big, fat ROI. It’s the quality of those leads that takes you from 0 conversions to the rate you’re aiming for. And the only way to improve the quality of your list is by using an email validation tool.

Here are some of the riskiest email addresses you may have in your list:

  • misspelled – bad syntax turns a potential lead into a useless email
  • spam traps – created only to attract spammers and block them
  • abuse – known email complainers who label you as Spam
  • catch-all – many of them bounce because they don’t belong to the domain
  • temporary – they self-destruct after a certain time
  • role-based – such as contact@ or help@, are not associated with a particular person

None of these email addresses add any value to your list. On the contrary, they add risk by affecting your sender reputation and bounce rate. An email verifier will remove them from your database, thus contributing to higher deliverability and better open rates.

In the end, we’d like to remind you to keep an eye on your email marketing reports and always look out for:

  • the number of bounces, and whether they’re soft or hard
  • your spam complaints

Ready to see how easy it is to import your lists from HubSpot? Go here!

Happy emailing!