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Email Verification API: The Boost You’ve Been Waiting For

Your feedback is a compass for us, and we always do our best to implement your suggestions. This time, we’ve upgraded our email verification API by expanding ZeroBounce’s U.S. infrastructure. More precisely, we deployed high-availability clusters to maximize the speed of the API, so you can get the fastest results.

The new ZeroBounce U.S. data center is a project we’ve been focusing on in the past few months, and now it’s up and running!

As our U.S. customer base has grown, we wanted to make sure you’ve got all the bandwidth you need when using the Application Programming Interface (API).

email validation API

How has the email verification API improved?

Thanks to the new high-availability clusters, the email verification API operates at a higher speed. Now, it instantly responds to queries coming from the U.S. Add our European infrastructure, and you get a super-fast global email validation API, no matter where you are in the world.

ZeroBounce CEO Liviu Tanase is excited to share the upgrade with you.

“All U.S. requests are now automatically directed towards the new server protocols. That increases the speed of the real-time email verification process. ZeroBounce is handling large API requests, and our goal is to offer the fastest response time available. It’s an investment we made to save our customers time and ensure faster results,” says Liviu.

The third API enhancement in the past year

The expansion of our U.S. infrastructure is the third enhancement we brought to the API in the past year.

Back in August 2018, we launched an improved version of the Interface, which now covers over 30 status codes. A little later, in November, we gave you the option of using our API for bulk email validation.


Because we wanted you to count on us if you have high-volume, repetitive email verification to perform.

Introducing the Freemium account: 100 monthly credits, free for life

Before you go, we wanted to share another piece of news with you!

Starting today, February 1st 2019, we’re introducing the Freemium subscription.

It’s a free-for-life type of account that comes with 100 monthly credits on the house.




Those credits never expire. So, whatever number of credits you use within one month, we’ll make sure you’re back to 100 by the 1st of the next month!

If you need more email validations, you can use our Pay as you go option, or sign up for a Premium account. Starting at $15, this type of subscription provides varying pricing, based on your monthly needs.

For those of you with even larger volumes, we recommend the Enterprise plan. You get higher resources and dedicated Account and Customer Success managers.

How does this sound?

Enjoy the new enhancements and thank you for choosing us!