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ZeroBounce Tech News, November 2023: 3 New Tools to Try This Month

November comes with exciting updates. Check out these new tools to help your marketing team expedite their workflow.

Try ZeroBounce’s new tools: automatic cleaning, scheduling, and sharing

You can now automatically scrub any new contact added to a connected integration – complete with customizable scheduling and cross-platform sharing.

#1. Clean any new contact instantly

Find your integration, select an email list, and hit the toggle.

Your email list cleaning‘s never been easier. Plus, we’ll export cleaned contacts back to your platform.

#2. Change your schedule anytime

Need a change from your current cleaning routine? The power to schedule is fully in your hands.

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Work smarter, not harder. Set your schedule and forget it, so that you can pour your energy into making compelling, ROI-worthy email campaigns.

#3. Share your email lists across multiple platforms

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Want to share that high-quality, clean list from your ESP with your sales team? Just click to share and send those contacts on their way between supported platforms.

Expedite your workflow

Clean emails automatically with BigCommerce

Take advantage of these workflow features – the BigCommerce integration is now available for our eCommerce business owners!

Validate any new email signup, or clean and share lists with almost zero effort.

U.S. users, get faster results with the API!

A New York, USA endpoint is now available for API users.

How does that benefit you? The new endpoint is optimized for traffic close to the States, and promises faster results for single/batch email validation.

Learn how to update your API for faster speeds here.

Warning: This endpoint uses servers located within the United States. By utilizing this endpoint, you acknowledge and consent to your data being processed on servers in the United States.

More control over your workflow

When you’re cleaning multiple emails, more control is key to better performance.

You now can create a custom timeout parameter between 3 and 60 seconds. This gives you more control over your validation flow and helps you avoid unnecessary service strain or hang-ups.

2023 is on its way out… but you’ve still got some goodies coming your way to help prepare for Q1 2024.

Maybe a way to verify your professional contacts on a certain social media platform?

Stay tuned!