ZeroBounce Tech News hero image announcing a new way to bulk validate emails.

ZeroBounce Tech News, October 2023: A New, Sleek Way to Validate Bulk Emails

BOO! It’s a Halloween Tech News takeover!

It’s scary how fast the holidays are coming…!

But – there’s nothing scary about these new ways to clean your emails!

A new, sleek way to validate bulk emails

Screenshot of ZeroBounce dashboard showing new UI feature that allows rapid bulk validation of 25 email addresses.

Sometimes – you just need a simple way to validate bulk emails

We added a UI feature that lets you validate up to 25 emails directly through your dashboard. Just enter the emails, separated by a space or comma, and click Validate.

3 new email validation plugins join the party!

Joining our list of 40+ integrations, here’s three new ways to streamline your email list cleaning!


Get those landing pages primed for BFCM with real-time email validation. Connect your ZeroBounce account and validate new email signups automatically!


Bulk email validation just got easier. Integrate your MailerLite account and select a list to import. Fewer steps for simple cleaning!


Love AI? Ask ChatGPT to validate up to 3 emails for free hourly. Validate your whole list when you provide your API key (ChatGPT Plus required)

Validate greylisted domains with the API

We just launched greylist validation for the email validation API! 

What’s greylisting? It’s a common, necessary anti-spam tactic. But – it can get in the way of your validation results.

Now – you can reprocess greylisted emails for fewer “unknown” results (push and pull options available). Retry requests automatically after a period or provide a callback URL to obtain your validation result.

Improved DMARC Monitor UI

We’re already monitoring hundreds of domains – thanks for your support!

We used your crucial feedback to improve report processing and made it easier for you to search for and navigate your reports. Check it out!

Modify your ZeroBounce plan with ease

We heard you – making changes to your subscription wasn’t always clear. That’s why we overhauled your subscription settings. It’s now easier than ever to upgrade, downgrade, or customize your plan at any time.

Additional 2FA security features

After launching SMS two-factor authentication last month, we went back and made the activation process smoother. If you still need to activate yours – try it now

P.S. Black Friday, Cyber Monday is just around the corner… 

Take advantage of these awesome updates and get your email list ready!

Happy email cleaning!

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