Avoid Spam Traps With Email Verification

Improve the effectiveness of your email campaigns by ensuring you have a valid list of contacts.

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Has one of your lists ever been flagged by your email provider? Or, worse, has your account been suspended?

When you import a new email list, your email service provider might scan for spam traps (fake email addresses set up to catch spammers), hard bounces (invalid email addresses) and abuse complaint emails (accounts belonging to people who are known to flag messages as “spam”).

If it passes a certain threshold of “bad” email addresses, you’ll receive a warning — and you won’t be able to email that list again until the problem is resolved.

However, email service providers don’t always tell you which emails need to be fixed. Manually figuring it out would be impossible — and you run the risk of inadvertently deleting a prospective customer.

But if you don’t fix the list, you can’t use it.

And if it happens three more times in a six-month period, your account could get suspended.

That derails your current email campaign — and impacts your email deliverability for future ones.

Avoid spam traps with ZeroBounce’s email verification services:

Check new emails as you go:

Maybe you’ve identified a prospect on LinkedIn and want to ensure their email address is current before reaching out. Use our free email verification tool to check emails as you go — and keep your list clean from the start.

Validate a batch of email addresses (up to 100):

Simply upload your list onto our platform and the email verification system will verify it for you. Emails will be clearly broken out into categories, such as valid, invalid and catch-all.

Implement an email verification API:

Once your email list is clean, keep it that way. Connect ZeroBounce’s email verification API to your signup and registration forms to stop “bad” emails from landing on your list. Each time someone enters a new email, it gets checked in real time. Our email verification API also integrates with the tools you already use, including your email marketing platform, CRM or LinkedIn.

The benefits of using an email list validation service include:

Avoid spam traps:

If you’ve ever purchased an email list (which we don’t recommend), they’re often riddled with spam emails. It would be virtually impossible to know which emails are associated with a spam trap without a tool. Save time and headaches by using an email list validation service that can do it for you — quickly and accurately.

Fewer spam complaints:

Abuse email addresses belong to people who are known to flag messages as spam. When people flag your messages as spam, it can hurt your future deliverability. Increase your odds of landing in the inbox by removing abuse emails from your list.

Stronger sender reputation:

Your sender reputation is like the credit score for your email address. The more “bad” addresses you email, the worse your emails perform and the lower your score. By removing bounces, spam traps and other risky emails, ZeroBounce improves your reputation and helps you stay in good standing.

Better engagement:

You want people to see, open and act when they receive your marketing emails. Before that engagement can occur, your email has to be delivered. Use our email list validation service to check every contact, which improves email deliverability. This can help you see a boost in open rates, click-through rates and — most importantly — conversions.

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