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"Very simple to implement. I just upload a CSV file and ZeroBounce handles the rest. It's a quick process to scrub lists before launching my email campaigns."

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Verified User in Marketing and Advertising

"Zero Bounce is software that helps me a lot in my work. Due to my job responsibilities as Programming Coordinator in a television channel, I require my email to send daily every detail related to the programming of the channel, this is where I use Zero Bounce. This software is an excellent email manager, which allows me to keep my email clean. Thanks to its filters I can leave out my email..."

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Sixta Isabel P. | Coordinadora de Programación en Master - Telecommunications

"The use of our email at work is fundamental to the fulfillment of our work goals. It is through our mail that we make the links with different artists, cultores and suppliers of sound and scenography for the assembly of cultural and musical activities. Zero Bounce is a very necessary tool for my job performance because when I have to do the monthly cultural programming I use my email to contact..."

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Natascha B. | Programación e Investigación Cultural - Marketing and Advertising

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ZeroBounce se ha convertido en un Líder de Primavera de Software de Verificación de Correo Electrónico de G2 para 2024.
ZeroBounce es un orgulloso Líder de Momentum en la categoría de Software de Verificación de Correo Electrónico para G2 para la Primavera de 2024.
ZeroBounce obtuvo un distintivo de G2 por el Mejor Producto en Usabilidad en la categoría de Verificación de Correo Electrónico en la clasificación del Índice de Usabilidad.
ZeroBounce obtuvo un distintivo de G2 por la Mejor Relación en la categoría de Verificación de Correo Electrónico.

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