How to Claim the Customer Inbox with Email Security

Get ahead of Google & Yahoo’s new anti-spam rules before time’s up!

Big changes are here for email senders - and your deliverability is at risk

Starting in February 2024 - new email requirements will be in effect.

If you’re not following them, your emails are about to be blocked or placed in the spam folder.

Not sure what to do? We’ve got you covered.

Watch the Google/Yahoo email security webinar on-demand to learn about:

  • Google & Yahoo’s new policies and why you’re at risk
  • Email authentication and how it protects your business
  • How to get your business domain ready before the deadline

Meet your email security expert

Brian Minick

Brian is the Chief Operating Officer at ZeroBounce and an email deliverability thought leader. He oversees the Support and Sales teams and ensures you get the most out of ZeroBounce. He has 15+ years of experience in Tech and Marketing and is passionate about helping companies reach the inbox.

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Answers for all of your pressing questions, including

What exactly are Google & Yahoo’s new email sender requirements?

Will my business be affected? If so, what do I need to get ready?

What are SPF, DKIM, and DMARC, and how are they relevant to all of this?

What can I do to secure my emails in time for the changes?

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