ActiveCampaign Email Verification Integration with ZeroBounce

Want to reduce email bounce rates in ActiveCampaign? Get clean email lists automatically by connecting the ZeroBounce ActiveCampaign integration! The easy-to-use API connection makes it effortless to verify emails, schedule cleanings, score your contacts, and share data between supported platforms.

To get started, create your free ZeroBounce account today! Get instant access to the ActiveCampaign email verification API and 100 monthly email verifications at no cost.

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ActiveCampaign email verification API features

The ZeroBounce ActiveCampaign API integration offers key email deliverability features to reduce email bounce rates and improve email engagement.

ActiveCampaign email cleaning service

If you’re struggling with high bounce rates and email delivery issues, a dirty email list is the likely culprit. If you’re sending emails to invalid contacts, your messages are guaranteed to bounce.

The ActiveCampaign ZeroBounce integration allows you to import and clean any email list from your ActiveCampaign account with just one click. All you need to do is head to your dashboard, click the integration, find your list, and get cleaning!

Then, you can easily import your new, clean list back into your ActiveCampaign account.

ActiveCampaign email scoring

Our ActiveCampaign email verifier will boost your email deliverability. But you’ll also want to know which subscribers are most active.

Scoring is just as easy as cleaning. Just navigate to your ActiveCampaign email list within your ZeroBounce account and click Score.

Then, we’ll score all of your emails 1-10, with 1 being the least engaged and 10 being a high-quality, active email reader. Use this data to segment your email lists for maximum performance.

Automatically clean new contacts

The ZeroBounce API for ActiveCampaign now allows you to monitor all new contacts entered into your email lists automatically.

By monitoring your new subscribers, the ZeroBounce ActiveCampaign integration can automatically validate new email addresses so that you can block invalid and risky emails with zero effort.

Schedule email verification or email scoring

Want to clean your entire list on a regular basis? Schedule your ActiveCampaign email verification or scoring at any time.

Navigate to your ActiveCampaign email list and edit your schedule to your liking, and ZeroBounce handles it from there.

This feature is the perfect option to help you clean your email list as often as you should, at least once per quarter.

Share email lists between supported platforms

Finally, ZeroBounce allows you to share your verified email lists between supported integrations quickly.

Quickly migrate segmented subscriber and customer lists from your CRM to your eCommerce store or sales tools with a few clicks.

How to use the ActiveCampaign email verification API

To get started with the ZeroBounce ActiveCampaign integration, you’ll need the following

  • An ActiveCampaign account
  • A free ZeroBounce account

Then, you can connect your two accounts via your API key in just a few steps:

1. Obtain your ActiveCampaign API key. You can find this in your account settings under the ‘Developer’ tab. Grab your API key and API URL.

2. Log in to your ZeroBounce account. Visit the integrations section, click ActiveCampaign, and add your API data.

3. Click connect.

That’s it! Your ActiveCampaign email lists will automatically appear in your free ZeroBounce account, where you can clean, score, or automate your email list cleaning.

For a deeper look at how to connect the two platforms, take a look at our comprehensive ZeroBounce ActiveCampaign integration documentation.

Get started with your ActiveCampaign email validation tool

Our ActiveCampaign email verifier is available for free to all users! Just sign up for your free ZeroBounce account, connect the integration, and you’re ready to validate emails.

In addition, your free account includes monthly benefits, including 100 credits to verify email addresses, email finder queries, blacklist monitoring, inbox placement tests, and more! Sign up today!

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ActiveCampaign Zapier Integration

Catering towards small-to-mid-sized businesses, ActiveCampaign is a complex email marketing platform. It combines email creation and sending, marketing and sales automation, and CRM software.
Before you start sending marketing emails, let us take a look at your email list. By removing risky addresses from your database, our email verifier helps you maintain a good sender reputation.
Now it's even easier to use ZeroBounce: you can connect it with your ActiveCampaign account via Zapier! Once we validate your list, you're good to go – you can send your awesome email campaigns knowing they'll reach real people and generate ROI.
Please take a look at the Documentation page below to get started.
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Use this Zap


Update ContactTriggers when an existing contact details are updated.
New Campaign Starts SendingTriggers when a new campaign starts sending.
New Deal TaskTriggers when a new deal task is created.
New or Updated ContactTriggers when a new contact is added or existing contact's details are updated.
New Contact Added to ListTriggers when a new contact is added to a list.
New Campaign UnsubscribeTriggers when a contact unsubscribes as a result of a campaign email sent to them.
New Deal NoteTriggers when a new deal note is created.
New Campaign OpenTriggers when a contact opens a campaign (will trigger once per contact per campaign).
New Deal Added or UpdatedTriggers when a new deal is created or existing deal is updated.
New Contact NoteTriggers when a new contact note is added.
New Campaign Link ClickTriggers when a contact clicks a link in a campaign message (will only run once for each unique link).
New Campaign BounceTriggers when a contact email address bounces from a sent campaign.
New Automation WebhookTriggers when an automation sends out webhook data. To add a webhook in ActiveCampaign, navigate to your Automations section, add or edit an automation, and create a new "Webhook" action.


Update DealUpdates an existing deal.
Create DealCreates a new deal.
Add Contact NoteAdds new contact note.
Create/Update ContactCreates a new contact, or updates an existing contact.
Add Contact to AutomationAdds an existing contact into any automation. If contact does not yet exist, a contact will be created and then added to the automation.
Validate EmailValidates an email.
Create CampaignCreates and sends a new campaign.
Add Note to DealAdds a note to a deal.
Create Tracked EventCreates a custom website or application event.