ZeroBounce + Autopilot

Autopilot Zapier Integration

Autopilot helps you acquire and nurture leads through email, web, SMS and direct mail. Its visual marketing software assists you in creating more meaningful and effective customer journeys.
Now, you can integrate ZeroBounce into your Autopilot workflows and allow it to validate your emails in real time. Our email verification API checks every email address for accuracy and tells you whether it's safe to use.
Successful customer journeys start by connecting with genuine human beings. Make email validation a part of your email marketing so you can build more solid, high-performing campaigns.
The Documentation page below outlines all the steps you have to follow.
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Use this Zap


Contact Added to ListTriggers when a contact is newly added to list
Contact UnsubscribesTriggers when a contact unsubscribes from Autopilot
Contact AddedTriggers when a contact is newly added
Contact Removed from ListTriggers when a contact is removed from a list


Unsubscribe ContactUnsubscribes contact from all emails
Add Contact To ListAdds a new contact and adds them to a list
Delete ContactDeletes an existing contact
Add ContactAdds a new contact
Validate EmailValidates an email