BigCommerce Email Verification Integration for E- commerce

Need a way to verify emails in BigCommerce? Try the Bigcommerce email verification integration for reliable, 99% accurate e-commerce email authentication. Create your free ZeroBounce account, connect it to BigCommerce via the API, and validate email addresses in online stores with zero effort.

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BigCommerce email verification integration features

ZeroBounce’s official integration for BigCommerce provides online store owners with everything they need to secure their websites from unwanted data entries and improve data quality with minimal effort. Check out the key features that await!

99% accurate email validation service

The ZeroBounce API for e-commerce provides you with the most reliable email verification and validation available.

By connecting your BigCommerce account, ZeroBounce automatically detects your email lists so that you can import them for cleaning. After detecting and removing the invalid and high-risk email addresses, you get a clean, valid email list that you can use to enhance your account and customer database.

Enhancing customer data in BigCommerce with Email Scoring

Boost your BigCommerce customer retention by scoring the valid and catch-all emails on your list.

ZeroBounce’s AI-driven Email Scoring services use proprietary technologies to carefully analyze the address owner’s typical engagement and activity levels. You can use this data to target your more active email contacts with email campaigns that drive additional engagement and sales.

Scoring is just as easy as cleaning and only takes one click after you select your e-commerce email list.

Automated email verification for online stores

A clean, quality email list is great, but what if you could stop invalid emails and low-quality data automatically?

With the Monitoring feature, you can validate email addresses in online stores automatically. Every time a new email address gets added to your list, ZeroBounce can validate it.

Invalid and risky emails like disposable emails, abuse emails, or spam traps are removed from your primary mailing list so that you can always count on a high-quality email list.

Custom scheduling for regular cleaning

Even a clean email list needs to be cleaned again eventually.

Navigate to the BigCommerce integration with ZeroBounce and pick your preferred email list cleaning schedule for each list. Update and customize your schedules at any time.

Share email lists between supported platforms

Want an easier way to move your email database between the different tools and platforms you use?

Rather than downloading and uploading your list repeatedly, ZeroBounce allows you to share email list data between officially supported integrations. This Sharing feature includes popular platforms like ActiveCampaign, HubSpot, and MailerLite, with more platforms being added regularly.

How to use BigCommerce email validation tools with ZeroBounce

To take advantage of the ZeroBounce BigCommerce integration, you’ll need a BigCommerce account that has appropriate access to your list of email contacts. Then, it’s as simple as authorizing access and connecting your API key.

1. Create your free ZeroBounce account. Then, find the BigCommerce integration through your dashboard.

2. Log in to your BigCommerce account and authorize access to ZeroBounce Integrations.

3. Get your ZeroBounce API key from your dashboard and add it to your BigCommerce account.

That’s all you need to benefit from the most accurate email verification service available! To get a more in-depth look at the setup, check out our official BigCommerce integration documentation.

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Get real-time email validation in BigCommerce now

The ZeroBounce API for e-commerce is free for all users. Sign up today to create your free account and get instant access to a variety of free monthly benefits, including:

  • 100 credits for validation and scoring
  • 10 Email Finder queries
  • 24/7 Blacklist Monitor
  • Inbox placement and email server testing

Validating email addresses in your online stores will improve your security, enhance your customer database, and maximize your email performance. Get started at no cost today.

Validate eCommerce emails

Get 100 free email verifications monthly