Email Validation API Integration

Do you use to scale your lead generation and business outreach? Enhance your CRM data quality with the ZeroBounce integration with
Leverage real-time email verification in your CRM instantly by using your or ZeroBounce credits to validate and verify each new contact as they appear in your workspace.
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What’s included in the API integration?

The integration with ZeroBounce provides everything you need for bulk email verification.

If your CRM doesn’t have a valid email address for each contact, you don’t have a way to reach out. Plus - your messages will bounce and negatively impact your company’s sender reputation.

Get our CRM email verification tools now and benefit from:

Single & bulk email verification - Contact management email checking on demand for any contact in any table or list
Real-time email verification - Automated email validation solutions for all new leads and emails
Customizable delivery options - Focus on ‘safe to send’ emails or customize the integration to meet your business preferences
99% accuracy and deliverability - Low bounce rates or your money back
Deep email insights - Identify 30+ email types, including disposable, abuse, and spam traps
Enriched email data - Learn more about each contact, including the SMTP provider, the sub-status (when applicable), and determine if it’s a free email account
24/7 customer support - Problems with your CRM email authentication? An email geek is available to help at all times
Use Clay Credits or ZeroBounce credits - Use what’s convenient. Leverage Clay’s API key or your personal key to run the email verifier your way

Why do I need contact management email checking?

If you want to scale your business reliably, contact management is a must.

The ZeroBounce integration with not only enhances your CRM data quality but also protects your company domain from long-lasting email delivery issues.

Connect with your leads - Ensure that you’re getting valid emails to use in your marketing campaigns and outreach
Stop invalid data automatically - Automatically detect fake emails and keep them out of your CRM
Lower your email bounce rate - When you email an invalid address, the email bounces. Ensure your contacts are valid so that you reach the inbox.
Improve your email deliverability - Email behaviors like bounces impact your future emails. Avoid bounces and the spam folder so that more of your content reaches your leads
Boost your sender reputation - Every company has a reputation, including yours. Help your company avoid email reputation issues by keeping your CRM data quality clean

How to get started with contact verification

Getting started with the email verification API integration is simple!

What you need:

  • A account with at least one table of contacts
  • A ZeroBounce account

Here’s how to use the ZeroBounce integration with

1. Log in to your account. Select any table of contacts, and click ‘Enrich Data.’

2. Locate ZeroBounce email validation in the list of integrations.

3. Select and enter an API key. simplifies the process by letting you use your Clay Credits or your own ZeroBounce API key.

Set up the input fields in your table so that the tool knows which data to validate.

And - you’re all set! Enjoy 99% accurate email verification for your CRM.

Need more in-depth instructions? Check out the official documentation below.

See the docs

Benefit from email validation today’s native integration makes CRM email verification simple. Log in to your account today and start validating all of your contacts to support your business outreach!

And - if you need more email verifications and want to benefit from our enhanced email deliverability tools and settings, create a free ZeroBounce account today!


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