CloudFlare + ZeroBounce

Connect CloudFlare to ZeroBounce

Using a healthy email list is the cornerstone of effective email communication. How are you making sure your contacts are valid and genuine?

ZeroBounce Subscribe plugin app is an email subscriber gathering tool that verifies email addresses in real time and helps you build the highest quality email lists.

What’s more, it integrates directly with ZeroBounce to validate subscribers instantly.

Once you activate this plugin app, you will no longer have to worry about poor-quality contacts getting on your list. The ZeroBounce email checker prevents misspelled, role-based and disposable emails from being added to your database. Thus, it protects your sender score and supports your inbox placement.

You will be able to view and download your subscribers’ email addresses directly from your ZeroBounce dashboard.

It's easy to start using the ZeroBounce – Cloudflare integration. If you already have a Cloudflare account, follow the simple steps in our Documentation page below.

Not a ZeroBounce user yet?

Click on the “Get Started for Free” button and create an account with us. Every month, we replenish your account with 100 free email validation credits. Should you want to upgrade, our pay-as-you-go system allows you to purchase just as many credits as you need.