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Improve email deliverability in Constant Contact with the Constant Contact ZeroBounce integration!

With this free, native integration, users can rapidly clean Constant Contact lists. Just connect ZeroBounce to Constant Contact accounts, and start cleaning.

The ZeroBounce – Constant Contact integration lets you import active contacts to validate those email addresses. Then, download your validation results from ZeroBounce, import them into Constant Contact, and send that next newsletter or campaign to valid addresses.

The integration is free - create your free ZeroBounce account to get started!

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Includes 100 free monthly email verifications

Constant Contact ZeroBounce integration features

Constant Contact email validation API

Send emails only to valid contacts in Constant Contact with email validation.

All you need to do is connect your account to ZeroBounce and select your email list, and ZeroBounce handles the rest. It takes just a click to import your list and a click to export it back to your Constant Contact account.

By maintaining a clean email list, you’ll effortlessly reduce your bounce rate, prevent spam traps in Constant Contact, and reach your customers without fail.

Contact Monitoring for real-time email verification

Real-time email verification for Constant Contact monitors each new contact that gets added to your list.

If ZeroBounce finds an invalid email address, spam trap, abuse email, disposable email, or other toxic address, you’ll see it in your email validation results.

Contact Monitoring provides you with the most effective and effortless way to maintain a clean email list in Constant Contact.

Schedule verification by email list

Constant Contact email list cleaning is made even easier with customizable scheduling.

Just head over to your integration settings, select a list where you want to verify email addresses in Constant Contact and pick your frequency.

You can leverage the Constant Contact email validation service as needed. ZeroBounce and Constant Contact email best practices call for cleaning your contact list at least once per quarter.

Score emails to increase Constant Contact open rates

Continue your Constant Contact list quality enhancement with ZeroBounce’s AI Email Scoring service.

Using the integration, you can choose to Score any email list and get a numerical grade for each contact. Email addresses with scores of 10 are highly active and are likely to help you with open and click rates. Likewise, emails with scores on the lower end are likely to be low-quality leads.

Benefits of ZeroBounce Constant Contact verification

Improve Constant Contact email list hygiene

Good email hygiene is the foundation of a successful email marketing program. A healthy email database allows you to connect with your audience of real, engaged people.

The integration makes it free to validate emails in Constant Contact so that you can improve your campaigns and email ROI.

Reduce Constant Contact bounce rate

If you want the best way to reduce bounce rates in Constant Contact, look no further.

Invalid email addresses are the number one driver of high bounce rates. And, if your bounce rate is higher than 2%, you may get in trouble with Constant Contact sooner rather than later.

Take advantage of the ZeroBounce Constant Contact email validation service and get rid of these emails that cause bounces now.

Boost Constant Contact Engagement

Think about it - how can you get more opens and clicks if readers aren’t receiving your emails?

The email verification integration keeps your list clean with real customers so that you can be confident you’re reaching the inbox.

And those real customers will provide you with real, reliable campaign feedback. You’ll be able to make smarter decisions about your email content and determine what works best for your audience.

Strengthen your Constant Contact sender reputation

When you improve Constant Contact deliverability, you improve your company’s email reputation. Everyone has one.

Internet service providers need to know which senders are real companies worth trusting. It’s best practice to clean your list, keep your bounce and spam complaint rates low, and build healthy engagement.

That all begins with 99% accurate email verification.

How to use the integration

Setting up the integration is as easy as logging into your account and establishing a connection. If you don’t have one, you’ll need to create a free ZeroBounce account to get started.

Then, it’s as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Log in to your ZeroBounce account. Go to your integrations tab and click “Constant Contact.”
  2. Log in to your Constant Contact and grant ZeroBounce permission to access your email lists.
  3. Select the email list you want to clean, and get started! All of the features above are yours to explore for free!

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Many things go into building solid email deliverability, but one thing is sure: no one is safe from email list decay and risky contacts. Give yourself better email marketing results with the ZeroBounce – Constant Contact integration.

First, you’ll need a ZeroBounce account. It’s free to create one, and we’ll throw in 100 free credits for you to use with your new integration. Then, the integration is yours to try at any time!

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Includes 100 free monthly email verifications

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