ZeroBounce + Drip

Connect ZeroBounce to Drip

Do you use Drip to send out marketing emails? Keep your email list clean by integrating the ZeroBounce email validation service into your Drip email automation account.

Drip is one of the most popular email-sending platforms. Trusted by almost 30,000 thousand marketers worldwide, the platform helps you grow your email list, set up nurturing campaigns and convert more prospects into loyal customers.

To ensure that you’re acquiring only quality leads for your email database, use our ZeroBounce – Drip integration to check their validity first. This email verifier integration comes with all the benefits of using the bulk email validation service through our platform.

By integrating ZeroBounce with Drip, we can reject invalid emails, spam traps, known complainers that may mark you as spam, catch-all, temporary or role-based accounts.

To verify your Drip email list, simply export it onto our email validation platform. ZeroBounce will rid your list of the bad data holding your email campaigns back. Then, just download your validation results, import them into your Drip account and start sending emails.

You’ll need an active ZeroBounce account. You can create an account for free if you don’t have one. You’ll get 100 email verification and scoring credits, which you can use with the ZeroBounce Drip integration. We replenish these credits for free every month.

To set up the integration, click the link below for our step-by-step instructions. Select the integration from your ZeroBounce account, authorize access and start verifying your email lists.