ZeroBounce + EngageBay

Your search for the best EngageBay email verification solution stops here! Import emails from your EngageBay CRM directly using the new ZeroBounce EngageBay integration*.
ZeroBounce helps keep your EngageBay database up-to-date with valid contacts by identifying and scrubbing invalid addresses, spam traps, disposable emails, toxic domains, and much more. Install it today!
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ZeroBounce EngageBay integration features

ZeroBounce is not only the best solution for reliable email verification, but our direct integration with Engagebay offers a bevy of benefits, including:

Bulk email validation

Once you set up the ZeroBounce EngageBay integration, you can manually clean single emails or import your list in bulk. ZeroBounce’s email verifier will scrub your entire list and tag every email address with 99% guaranteed accuracy.

Email cleaning within your Engagebay CRM

Using the integration, you no longer need to download your email list and bring it to ZeroBounce. We’ll clean your email database without leaving your EngageBay dashboard.

Sort your contacts by tags

Once we clean an email address, we’ll automatically add a “Valid” or “Invalid” tag to each contact. Then, you can rapidly sort your list by looking for either tag. This makes it easy to purge bad data from your list and understand the results of your email list cleaning.

AI Scoring

The ZeroBounce EngageBay integration offers more than native email validation. We use our sophisticated technologies to generate a score that communicates the quality of an email contact based on inbox engagement. You can submit your freshly-cleaned contacts for scoring using the API.

Activity Data

Finally, use the integration to measure the Activity Data of your EngageBay contacts. Find out which email contacts are the most active (opens, clicks, forwards, unsubscribes) in the last 30 to 180 days.

How to set up the ZeroBounce EngageBay integration

1. Get the ZeroBounce EngageBay integration through your EngageBay account settings.

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2. Connect the integration with your ZeroBounce API key.

3. Start validating, scoring, and finding Activity Data for your email contacts!

Benefits of EngageBay email validation

Reliable email verification with ZeroBounce

No other email verifier offers the security and accuracy of ZeroBounce.

With the ZeroBounce EngageBay integration, you can rapidly identify more than 30 email types with detailed statuses and sub-statuses. Our email verifier offers 99% accuracy - a money-back guarantee.

Eliminate email bounces

What’s the most significant cause of email bounces? Invalid emails.

By using this integration for EngageBay email verification, you’ll purge any invalid or high-risk emails from your list and reduce your email bounce rates to 2% or lower.

Improve email marketing with data appending

After you purge those low-quality email addresses, you can improve your targeting and email marketing campaigns with data appending.

The ZeroBounce email verifier seeks out important social data for your email contacts, including names, gender, and location. If we find it, we’ll add it to your email contact cards to help you better understand your email leads.

Connect with your most active users

Finally, use the ZeroBounce EngageBay integration to pinpoint your most active contacts.

Our Activity Data service measures the current activity levels of any user on your list. Find out who’s opening emails, clicking, and forwarding. Segment your most active users into a robust email list for your next important email marketing campaign.

Get the ZeroBounce EngageBay integration now

EngageBay users can take advantage of ZeroBounce for more reliable email verification today!

To get started, create your free ZeroBounce account. We’ll set you up with 100 email verifications monthly and several tools to go into your email deliverability toolkit.

Once you have your account and API key, you can get started with the integration through your EngageBay account!

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Includes 100 free monthly verifications.