ZeroBounce + HubSpot

Connect ZeroBounce to HubSpot

Integrate the ZeroBounce email validation API into your HubSpot CRM workflows to validate customers’ email addresses. The API prevents bad contacts from spoiling your CRM and super-charges your email marketing campaigns.

You get easy access to the ZeroBounce integration with HubSpot. All you need is an active HubSpot account and then follow the steps in our Documentation page.

Don't have an account with us? Click on the “Get Started for Free” button below and start validating!

HubSpot Zapier Integration

Use Zapier to integrate the ZeroBounce Email Validator API into HubSpot Seamlessly.
Use this Zap


New Contact in ListTriggers when a contact is added to the specified list. (Marketing Hub Starter plans and above)
New Form SubmissionTriggers when a form is submitted
New ContactTriggers when a new contact is created.
New Social Media MessageTriggers when a message is posted from HubSpot to the specified social media channel.
New COS Blog ArticleTriggers when a new article is added to your COS blog.
New Contact Property ChangeTriggers when a specified property is provided or updated on a contact.
New Calendar TaskTriggers when a calendar task is created. (Marketing Hub Professional plans and above)


Create or Update ContactCreates a new contact or updates an existing contact based on email address.
Create Form SubmissionCreates a new submission for a selected form.
Add Contact to ListAdds a contact to a specific static list. (Marketing Hub Starter plans and above)
Validate EmailValidates an email.
Create Social Media MessageCreates and immediately publishes a message on a specified social media channel.
Create Calendar TaskCreates a new calendar task. (Marketing Hub Professional plans and above)
Create COS Blog PostCreates a blog post in your HubSpot COS blog.
Add Contact to WorkflowAdds a contact to a specific workflow.
Create EngagementCreates a new Engagement for a contact, in HubSpot.
Create Enterprise EventCreates a new custom enterprise event. (Marketing Hub Enterprise plans only)
Create TicketCreates a Ticket in HubSpot.