Infinity Software Email Verification - API Integration for Lenders

Financial lenders - are you an Infinity loan management software user?
Managing over 11 billion dollars, Infinity is a fantastic resource to help lenders manage and process loan applications while scaling their business. Now - you can add loan process email authentication to your workflow with the ZeroBounce Infinity Software email verification integration.
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What is Infinity loan management software?

Infinity is a software platform built with financial lenders in mind.

The user-friendly interface makes it easy for anyone to create custom loan products and rules tailored to their business needs and location. You can set up different types of loan offerings as well as the rules necessary based on your different legal requirements.

Then, you can market and sell your products to potential customers throughout specified areas via your website or platform. Infinity offers everything you need, from marketing your financial business to processing loan applications successfully.

But - to ensure you have accurate, usable data regarding your loanees, you need a way to automate email validation for loan applications.

Real-time email validation API integration features

By connecting the ZeroBounce API integration for loan management with your Infinity storefront, you’ll benefit from these key features:

  • Verify email addresses in real-time - Any time someone applies for one of your loan products, ZeroBounce checks the applicant’s email validity.
  • Typo correction assistance - Mistakes happen. If ZeroBounce notices an invalid email format, the integration alerts the applicant and advises them to enter a valid address.
  • In-depth email insights - The Email Validation API detects more than 30 email types and alerts you to catch-alls, spam traps, abuse emails, and more. Know what’s on your email list so that you can protect your company’s email reputation.

Why you need lender email verification tools

Accurate email checking for lenders is a must for your business. Here’s why:

  • Keep your applicant database clean - If you’ve dealt with invalid, outdated, or inaccurate data, accurate email checking can help. The real-time email validation API helps customers correct mistyped entries and alerts you to bad data so that you can scrub it immediately.
  • Avoid high email bounce rates - A bounced email is inevitable, but a bounce rate higher than 2% will cost you. Make sure your applicants have valid emails before you contact them. Doing so protects your company’s email domain and sender reputation.
  • Connect and sell more - If your contact data is incorrect, you lose out on customers. ZeroBounce’s email validation solutions for finance ensure that each applicant is a valid lead so that you connect with the people who matter.

How to integrate ZeroBounce with Infinity Software

Thanks to our friends at Infinity, it couldn’t be easier to get email validation checking in finance. Here’s how to do it:

1. Get your ZeroBounce API key. If you don’t have a ZeroBounce account, you’ll need to create one now. A starter account is free, and you’ll get access to 100 free email verifications to try out the integration.

You can also create a new API key to use specifically with your Infinity loan applications.

2. With your Infinity account, access the loan storefront where you wish to use the ZeroBounce integration. With your Customer Site settings, add your API key.

3. That’s it! Whenever a new applicant submits a loan application, ZeroBounce validates email addresses in real time to help money lenders like you.

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Improve your loan application process and keep your customer database clean. Correct mistyped emails, avoid high bounce rates, and connect with the customers who need your financial services.

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Includes 100 free monthly email verifications