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Automate Email Verification Processes with Integromat

Integromat is a powerful integration platform that allows you to connect apps and share data without any need of coding.
Using Integromat’s visual builder, you can connect ZeroBounce with other apps to automate your email validation tasks from start to finish. Simply drag and drop your apps together to mirror your usual workflows, then set your scenario to run as needed.
Integromat’s ZeroBounce modules allow you to automate tasks for retrieving API usage and credit balances, as well as validating emails in your ZeroBounce account. Here are just a few of the ZeroBounce app integrations you can create using Integromat:
  • Automatically validate and update email statuses from your other sources
  • Create new email subscribers once validated from your contact list, CRM, or email automation platform
  • Collect and validate emails from new form submissions, and be notified immediately of invalid emails.
Integromat integrations
Automate Email Verification Processes with Integromat

Create new Airtable records from Google Forms valid email responses and sending a Slack message

Every time a Google Forms response is submitted, Integromat will automatically validate the email address of that response. If the email status is "valid" it will create a new record in Airtable and send a Slack message. If the email status is not "valid" it will send a Slack message.

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