ZeroBounce + Klaviyo

Enrich your customer relationships and marketing automation with email verification for Klaviyo!

The Klaviyo ZeroBounce integration is free and allows you to clean, score, and enrich your email database to enhance Klaviyo email campaigns. Connect your business CRM, add the ZeroBounce API to your automation, and boost your email campaigns fast.

Get started now - create your free account and get instant access to the ZeroBounce API for Klaviyo!

Validate email lists in KlaviyoFree account required. Get 100 credits monthly for email validation and scoring.

Klaviyo integration for improved email accuracy

Stronger email revenue potential begins with email validation. With the Klaviyo ZeroBounce integration, you’ll get instant access to the following:

Real-time email validation with Klaviyo

Your official Klaviyo integration includes the Contact Monitoring feature, which allows you to automatically verify every new email address that enters your Klaviyo email list.

If the email address is valid, we add it to your list. If it’s invalid or high-risk, we’ll tag the address with the correct status and block it. You can review your email validation reports at any time.

Schedule email list cleaning for Klaviyo

Ensure that your customer database is up-to-date by scheduling your next cleaning every X days.

We’ll automatically import your email lists so that you can customize your cleaning and Scoring schedule to your preference.

Boost Klaviyo campaign performance with Scoring

Do you want higher open rates, click rates, and email conversions?

Leverage ZeroBounce’s Email Scoring service through the Klaviyo integration to automatically score the quality of your email contacts.

ZeroBounce uses proprietary technology to source industry data, which helps us score your email contacts on a scale from 0-10. “1” represents a low-quality contact that’s likely to be dormant and inactive, while a “10” is a highly engaged and primed prospect (“0” represents an unknown result).

How to get started for free

To take advantage of ZeroBounce’s secure email verification in Klaviyo, ensure you have the following:

  • An active Klaviyo account
  • Ability to access your email lists in Klaviyo
  • A free ZeroBounce account

Then, the integration setup is as easy as 1-2-3:

1. Log in to your ZeroBounce account. Access the Integrations tab and select Klaviyo.

2. Click to connect your ZeroBounce and Klaviyo accounts, Log in to Klaviyo, and grant access.

3. Locate your Klaviyo email lists within the ZeroBounce platform.

It’s that easy! You can then benefit from Klaviyo email validation, Email Scoring, scheduling, and automatic, real-time email verification.

Visit the Klaviyo documentation

Is the Klaviyo ZeroBounce integration right for me?

ZeroBounce provides robust email validation results with 99% accuracy guaranteed.

Plus - with the addition of Verify+ from ZeroBounce, we’re one of the only email verification services that can successfully validate complex, problematic domains by actively checking inboxes on your behalf.

The benefits don’t stop there:

  • Secure email verification in Klaviyo - ZeroBounce uses military-grade encryption to protect your email list data. We’re SOC 2 Type 2 and ISO-27001-certified and comply with GDPR, HIPAA, CCPA, and more. Our platform undergoes rigorous risk assessments and penetration testing to keep your company’s data secure.
  • Enhance Klaviyo customer retention strategies - Email marketing is the most cost-effective way to convert and retain customers. Build a foundation for maximized email revenue by keeping your email database up-to-date automatically.
  • Convenient plans and payment options - ZeroBounce provides both monthly subscription and Pay-As-You-Go options so that you can validate Klaviyo emails your way. Once you’ve got a clean list, the platform has all the other tools you need to improve email deliverability in Klaviyo.
  • Credits never expire - Many companies have great plans. But if you don’t use your credits, you lose them. ZeroBounce credits never expire. You keep what you pay for, no matter how old your account is.
  • Enhance Klaviyo email campaigns - Once we get your emails to the inbox, you need them to perform. Take advantage of automated Email Scoring to get enriched insights into each contact so that you can optimize your campaigns for better performance.

Plus - your campaign metrics will never be more accurate when you know that your content is reaching real audiences - not dead ends or fake mailboxes.

Improve email deliverability in Klaviyo

Validate email lists in Klaviyo effortlessly.

Create your free ZeroBounce account today and get instant access to the ZeroBounce API for Klaviyo. Get 100 credits for free monthly for validation and Scoring. Subscribe for additional credits monthly, or add more credits as needed with convenient Pay-As-You-Go options.

Free accounts include


Email Verification Credits


Email Finder Queries


Email Inbox Placement Test


Email Server Test


Blacklist Monitor scanned every 24 hours

Get started today with the best email validation solution for Klaviyo users!

Validate email lists in KlaviyoFree account required. Get 100 credits monthly for email validation and scoring.