ZeroBounce + Klenty

Klenty Zapier Integration

Do you rely on Klenty to boost your sales engagement and lead generation? Then you have to make sure you’re working with high-quality data, and ZeroBounce is here to take care of that.
Make the most of our Klenty integration via Zapier to collect only real email addresses and keep bounces at bay. Our email verification API has a fast response time and doesn’t allow misspelled, disposable and abuse emails to your list.
Follow the steps in our Documentation page below and you should be up and running in no time!
Use this Zap


On Start CadenceTriggers when a cadence is started in Klenty.
On ReplyTriggers when a prospect replies to a cadence.
On Send ProspectTriggers when you send a Prospect from Klenty to Webhook.
On BounceTriggers when a mail bounces.
On Cadence CompletedTriggers when a cadence is completed with no replies received.
On UnsubscribeTriggers when a prospect unsubscribes.
On OpenTriggers when a mail is opened by the prospect.
On ClickTriggers when a link is clicked when an email is sent via klenty.


Stop All Mails to ProspectStops all emails that are scheduled for the Prospect in Klenty.
Start CadenceStarts a cadence for the prospect in Klenty.
Add ProspectCreates a Prospect in Klenty.
Validate EmailValidates an email.
Resume CadenceResumes a paused Cadence for the Prospect in Klenty.
Unsubscribe ProspectUnsubscribe Prospect from mails.
Update ProspectUpdates an existing prospect in Klenty.
Stop JourneyStops any journeys that the prospect is part of in Klenty.
Update Prospect by EmailUpdates an existing prospect in Klenty by email.
Start JourneyStarts a journey for the prospect in Klenty.
Stop CadenceStops any cadence that the prospect is part of in Klenty.