ZeroBounce + Marketo

Connect ZeroBounce to Marketo

If Marketo is your marketing automation software, you know how easy it is to engage with your customers and maintain an ongoing relationship with them.

ZeroBounce only makes things better. When you integrate our real-time email verification API into Marketo, your email lists stay healthy, so you can reach real humans and boost your conversions.

To learn how to start using this integration, please visit our Documentation page.

Marketo Zapier Integration

Marketo’s marketing automation software makes it easier for your organization to engage with customers and build meaningful relationships with them.
Thanks to the ZeroBounce – Marketo integration, via Zapier, it’s even easier to keep in touch with your clients. When you connect our real-time email verification API to Marketo, you can rest assured the email lists you’re building are healthy and safe to use. An accurate list helps you boost your email deliverability and conversions.
To learn how to start using this integration, please head over to our Documentation page.
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Use this Zap


New LeadTriggers when a new lead is created.


Create or Update LeadCreates or Updates a lead.
Add Lead to ListAdds a lead to a list.
Validate EmailValidates an email.