ZeroBounce + Mautic

Mautic Zapier Integration

As an open source marketing automation software, Mautic helps you communicate with your audience and personalize your messages to maximize your results.
However, whenever you use email to stay in touch with your customers, you need to make sure their contact information is accurate. Here is where the ZeroBounce email checker API comes in handy!
The API is a little piece of software you can easily integrate into your Mautic workflows. What does it do? It checks every single email address you gather and validates it for accuracy. Thus, you won’t be collecting any fake and invalid emails, but only the best, most valuable data!
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Use this Zap


New Form EntryTriggers when a form is submitted.
New ContactTriggers when a new contact is created.
Updated ContactTriggers when an existing contact is updated.
Contact Points ChangedTriggers on a contact points change.
Email ViewedTriggers when a contact views a specific email.
New Page HitTriggers when a landing page is visited by a contact.


Validate EmailValidates an email.
Create or Update ContactCreates a new contact or updates and existing contact.