Moosend Integration -
Moosend Email Verification

Moosend users - take advantage of real-time and bulk email validation with the ZeroBounce Moosend integration!

The 99% accurate email validator enhances your Moosend email marketing and automation by keeping your email contacts clean and up-to-date. Stop invalid emails and fake signups from entering your email database and maximize campaign performance by ensuring your emails reach the customer’s inbox.

Get Moosend email validationFree ZeroBounce account required.
Receive 100 free email validation credits monthly.
Credits never expire.

Moosend integration features

Bulk email verification with rapid list importing

The Moosend ZeroBounce integration makes email audience management easy.

After adding your Moosend API key to the ZeroBounce dashboard, the integration automatically identifies and imports your Moosend email lists. Then, you can easily submit all of your Moosend email marketing audiences for email validation.

Moosend real-time email validation

The best way to keep your email lists clean is by blocking fake, outdated emails before you send your next campaign.

To use this feature, just hit the ‘Auto Validation’ toggle in the Moosend integration settings, and you’re all set! Any time a new email address is added to your email list, ZeroBounce validates it for you.

Email Scoring for improved open rates

The Moosend integration also includes ZeroBounce’s Email Scoring service!

Scoring examines and grades your email contacts on a scale of 1 to 10. This number is awarded based on the quality and relevance of the address, including recent activity, average engagement, and more. Score your contacts, find your best contacts, and maximize your email marketing ROI.

Schedule validation and Scoring

Don’t forget your quarterly email validation ever again.

The ZeroBounce Moosend integration features validation and Scoring scheduling so that you can clean and score your Moosend email lists at established intervals (every x days, weeks, months, etc.).

Custom export mapping

Results mapping is a highly requested feature that makes email data management easier by allowing you to set custom fields and direct your email validation where you prefer.

Create custom fields to match what’s in your Moosend account, and easily export your results back to your Moosend dashboard.

Automatic duplicate email removal

Email marketers like you manage thousands of contacts. It’s easy to add an email twice (or more) and not realize it.

To help you out, the Moosend ZeroBounce integration scans your email lists for duplicate instances of email contacts. If it finds any, it automatically removes them to avoid using unnecessary email validation credits.

How to use the Moosend integration

To take advantage of the Moosend email validation integration, you’ll need the following items:

  • An active Moosend account
  • A free ZeroBounce account

Then, just follow this simple 3-step process to validate your Moosend email audiences:

  1. Copy your Moosend API key from your Moosend account settings.

  2. Next, save your Moosend API URL by visiting Settings > Branding.
  3. Log in to your ZeroBounce account and find Moosend in the list of integrations. When prompted, add your API key and API URL.

  4. Optional Step: Set up your custom results mapping. If you prefer to use values different from the default, you can change them.

When the setup is done, the ZeroBounce Moosend integration finds and imports your email lists. It will use the same List Name as the one found in your Moosend account.

Moosend integration docs

Moosend email validation integration benefits

99% accurate email validation - guaranteed

ZeroBounce email validation guarantees 96% accuracy (99% when using the free Verify+ from ZeroBounce service).

It identifies 30+ types of email addresses, including invalid and high-risk emails that can lead to high bounce rates, spam complaints, and email deliverability issues. Using the Moosend integration lets you leverage some of the most accurate email validation available.

Better email deliverability

Email deliverability refers to your team’s ability to get your emails to the inbox.

Cleaning your email list with the Moosend email validation integration helps reduce bounce rates and spam complaints. Allowing either of these to rise too high hurts your company’s sender reputation, which can lead to the spam folder or high bounce rates.

To make your Moosend email marketing efforts effective, maximize your email deliverability and ensure your audience sees your emails.

Stronger email engagement

With better email deliverability, improved email engagement follows.

Your audience checks their inbox daily, but there’s no guarantee they’re checking spam. Possibly worse, they may not trust your emails if they look like spam.

Having a clean email list and a strong sender reputation means more customers see your emails. When you get your audience to pay attention, your open rates and clickthrough rates will follow.

Superior email marketing ROI

All of these Moosend integration benefits come together to build a foundation for higher email marketing ROI.

Ensure your emails are seen, give your audience a chance to engage, and continue nurturing your subscribers to build conversions and sales.

Get started with Moosend email verification now

Ready to start validating your Moosend email lists? All you need is a free account to get started.

Create your free ZeroBounce account today and get the following monthly benefits:

100 credits for email validation and Scoring (credits never expire!)

10 Email Finder queries

1 Blacklist Monitor

1 Inbox placement test

1 Email server test

Real-time email verification API

Access to 40+ integrations (including Moosend!)

Get Moosend email validation1 ZeroBounce credit = 1 email verification or scored email address

Validate emails with Moosend in 3 steps

Connect your Moosend API key to ZeroBounce

Import your Moosend email lists

Validate your Moosend email lists