ZeroBounce + Planso

Planso Zapier Integration

Are you using Planso WordPress Forms to create and manage forms? Then getting a real-time email checker to ensure data quality is essential.
ZeroBounce will validate email addresses instantly and prevent you from acquiring poor-quality data.
Whether you gather email contacts for transactional or marketing purposes, it helps to have a filter in place at all points of registration.
Now you can easily add the ZeroBounce real-time email verification API to your Planso WordPress Forms. As soon as you install it, the API will protect your email hygiene by preventing bad signups and registrations. The email verifier API even suggests users spelling corrections, thus keeping misspelled addresses off your database.
No invalid or fake email addresses will make it to your list, and that will improve your email sender reputation and deliverability.
It’s easy to start using this integration – just hop on over to our Documentation page to read more.
Do you need to start a ZeroBounce account first?
Click the “Get started for free” button! Once your account is active, you’ll receive 100 free email validations, every month. Use them to validate emails or to score catch-all results and get a better understanding of their validity.
Use this Zap


New SubmissionTriggers when a form is submitted


Validate EmailValidates an email.