ZeroBounce + Quickmail

Quickmail Integration

If you or your team are looking to build a predictable sales pipeline, reaching out to cold prospects by email in order to generate new leads, you'll love QuickMail.
Whether you are in a meeting, on the phone, or even asleep, QuickMail will stay on top of your outreach, contacting the right number of prospects each day and following up with the ones who haven’t replied.
That way, you and your team can focus on more important things, like moving engaged prospects further down the customer journey.
With QuickMail, you get to send highly personalized emails straight from your inbox while enjoying the latest technology to maximize email deliverability.
And because deliverability is at the core of what QuickMail does, the service integrates natively with ZeroBounce to make sure your sender reputation doesn't get damaged by bounces.
Make the most of the QuickMail – ZeroBounce integration and cold email more people with greater confidence.
Don’t have a ZeroBounce account yet? No worries: starting one is free and you get 100 monthly email validations at no charge.