ZeroBounce + RapidAPI

RapidAPI Integration

With more than 500,000 active developers and 8,000 APIs available, RapidAPI is the largest API hub in the world. It can help you connect your favorite platforms and automate your workflows, so you can focus on scaling your business.
Are you a RapidAPI user? Then this integration will be of help!.
Now, you can access our real-time email verification API directly from your RapidAPI account. Once you connect it to your registration and signup forms, it will start working to improve your email hygiene.
The API prevents risky email addresses from spoiling your list, thus ensuring a better sender reputation and higher email deliverability. Misspelled, abuse, catch-all, temporary or role-based emails – our email verification API detects and rejects a wide variety of risky contacts.
Whether you gather email addresses for transactional or marketing purposes, checking their validity is paramount. Healthy, valid email databases perform better, help you build better relationships with your customers, and support your business growth.
Learn how to use this integration by heading over to our Documentation page.
You’ll need a ZeroBounce account first. It takes only a minute to create one and it comes with 100 free email verification credits every month.
Need help activating this integration? Our team is always here for you – reach out anytime.