ZeroBounce + Sendy

Sendy Zapier Integration

Is Sendy your go-to solution for sending newsletters via Amazon Simple Email Service? Now you can integrate our reliable email validation API into your Sendy workflows to check emails in real time.
The ZeroBounce email validation API is easy to connect, via Zapier, and starts improving your email data quality right away. As an email sender, your reputation is essential, as Internet Service Providers use it to decide how to handle your emails.
Avoid the Spam folder and reach your subscribers’ inboxes by adding our email validator to your forms. Please read more on the Documentation page below.
If you don’t have a ZeroBounce account, start one now – it’s fast and easy and comes with 100 free email validation credits every month!
Use this Zap


New SubscriberTriggers when a new subscriber is added to a list via Sendy's subscribe form or the API.
New Campaign SentTriggers when a new campaign is sent.
New UnsubscriberTriggers when someone unsubscribes from a list via a campaign or Sendy's 'unsubscribe' API.


Add / Update SubscriberSubscribe a new user to a list. This action can also be used to update an existing subscriber.
Unsubscribe EmailUnsubscribes an email address from a list.
Create Draft CampaignCreate a new draft campaign.
Validate EmailValidates an email.